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Auxiliary Battery Tray RECALL

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  • Auxiliary Battery Tray RECALL

    There has been a recall issued for the Toyota HiLux 4X4 and 2X4 ute, pertaining to vehicles with the genuine auxiliary battery kit fitted. The way that the auxiliary battery tray doesn’t seem to be up to snuff, and can vibrate or rattle loose over rough roads. The battery assembly can get loose and move …
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    wonder how Toyota will fix this... rivets?, washer, bolts, threadlocker, or entirely new try design. I wonder if other brands have similar issue, since they all have similar design.


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      It's hard to know exactly what the failure case is from the reports... Hopefully it will be obvious when we see the "fix".

      The piranha tray utilises an additional top bracket which bolts to the top of the guard, I'm hoping this makes it a bit more robust.



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        I think the inner guards only crack where the car has been used on badly corrugated roads.
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          I remember being told by Toyota in Berri (Sth Aust) that the 2nd battery shouldn't weigh more than 25kgs. Perhaps the weight factor of a heavy battery, thin metal of the guard (?) & bouncing on unsealed roads / corrugations all add up to this problem?


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            Q1: What is the condition?
            A1: On certain Toyota Hilux vehicles equipped with a Toyota Genuine Accessory auxiliary battery kit, due to improper fixing structure of the battery kit to the left hand front fender apron, there is a possibility that the fixing portion on the apron could be damaged by vibration when driving on a rough (corrugated) road. In this condition, the battery could move and interfere with surrounding engine wire harness, causing the wires to become damaged, resulting in illumination of warning lights, in the worst case, engine could stall.
            Q2: What is the function of the Toyota Genuine Auxiliary Battery Kit?
            A2: The Toyota Genuine Auxiliary Battery Kit is designed to provide an additional power source for the vehicle operator allowing auxiliary items to be powered independently from the vehicle main battery.
            Q3: What is the cause of this condition?
            A3: Excessive strain in fender apron at the auxiliary battery mounting locations.


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              I am about to look at a dual battery system for the Fortuner. I planned on buying the tray from the local Toyota dealer but get my Auto Electricain to do the wiring etc.


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                Hi Morto where are you located I have a genuine battery tray for sale if your interested

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              A Vehicle Safety Recall for the Toyota auxiliary battery tray appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph a few days back. The article specifically mentions HiLux 4x4 - GUN125 & GUN126; HiLux 4x2 Hi Rider - GUN136. No mention of Fourtuners. But if you've a OE aux battery tray, may be worth while checking it out anyway with your dealer.

              Mine's an ARB aux battery tray, but I'm still gonna ask them during the week, just to play safe...


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                Fornt runner have a second battery tray