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48 Cetane Diesel. What brand do you use?

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  • 48 Cetane Diesel. What brand do you use?

    I note the owners manual specifies minimum of 48 Cetane diesel. I did a search and specifications are hard to find. Which brands of fuel are higher than 48 Cetane?

    Does anyone have links to where you can find this out?

    What brand of diesel is the best? Maybe diesel quality influences DPF burns etc...


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    not sure , i presume the rating would be specified on the side of the bowser . I'll take a look next time i fill up
    2016 GX , in White


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      It's on their website.

      Shell and Caltex both meet the criteria.

      I can only find info on Shell at the moment


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        These figures are not usually well advertised and only specify "minimum: e.g. - BP Ultimate contains an unspecified "performance additive", has a Cetane index of 46 as a minimum but is typically 51.
        - Shell Diesel Extra contains a "unique high performance multi functional performance additive package", & has a typical cetane index of 49.
        - Mobil doesn't have a lot of information available, just states that the Cetane Index is a minimum of 46.
        - Caltex Vortex will presumably now comply with BP as the Wooiles Caltex stations have been bought by BP


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          Funny you say that about Caltex, I'm positive they had this information on their website when I bought my car last year as I was looking to make sure I was using fuels that met the minimum requirement. Now that I'm trying to find it again, it's not there.

          I might have to start using Shell exclusively


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            Ah, found it on their website


            Page 177. Cetane index of 55


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              It appears Caltex have the highest cetane rating of 55 (although it states typical so this may not be consistent ).
              Most users on the Hilux and Prado forums prefer BP ultimate.
              BP could be as low as 46....


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                I've pretty much exclusively used BP Ultimate mainly because it gives me Velocity FF points, when i fill up, but that being said i have noticed an reduced fuel consumption when I have filled up using the Vortex.