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  • Global Tech Stream diagnostic software

    Does anyone have the Toyota diagnostic program software operating on a laptop successfully?

    I went to the Toyota Tech website, however while the software is free, it seems you need a licence to activate it and also need the cable to connect to the Fortuner 'On Board Diagnostic' (OBD) port.

    Can anyone give some instructions on what is required to get this operating and how much it costs?

    I have heard that having and knowing how to operate this is a Very good idea prior to travelling remotely these days.

    Are there any better alternatives with after market tools that perform this function?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I bought the cable and software on Ebay , version 10.029.030 or similar . there were numerous driver and registry issues getting it working which required the help of my neighbour who is a an IT geek. after all that effort we found the Tuna was not listed anyway it seemed to be for Euro models before 2015 only.
    version 12 is around , which i have not tried yet.
    2016 GX , in White


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      Do the Scan gauges people talk about perform the same diagnostic function?
      Or there is talk about OBD2 ?


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        Scan guages just monitor individual sensors and though they can show / reset some fault codes they are not a Toyota specific device. OBD is just a generic name for a comms port with diagnostic capabilites there are numerous protocols under that heading.
        2016 GX , in White