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  • Spotties and light bars

    Hi all, finally got some motivation on the weekend to fit some spotties and lightbar to the Fortuner, but, have realised that none of my gear will actually fit. I've got a GX with the Toyota steel bullbar and there is bugger all room depth wise to fit what I have.

    So, looking for anyone who has solved this problem - what brand and size you used etc.

    Also, has anyone fitted fog lights to the GX steel bullbar as well? There are blanking holes in the bar but not sure what mounts etc reside behind.

    Any cheats would be appreciated!

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    I have a GX with the Toyota steel bar.

    I went for 2 60w Ultravision light bars (one each side of the Toyota emblem on the grille).

    I got the foglights fitted into the bar by the Toyota dealer, but had them wired up by my own auto electrician, because the wiring harness on the GX is different to that on the other models, so it's not just plug-and play.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      I've had the same problem with my Ironman bullbar. I have 7" spotties and a 20" lightbar. Neither fit without mods needed. The spotties will fit, but then I can't plug the winch remote into the controller box, or reach the winch clutch through the access hole in the bar due to their depth. The lightbar won't fit in front of the winch controller box either.

      I just purchased a number plate frame with integrated light mounting points. Hopefully the lights will now mount forward enough to not obstruct the control box. The downside is making the car just that little bit longer and making the lights more vulnerable if unfortunate enough to hit a roo or such.


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        I've a GX with OE steel bull bar. I measured the height of the spacing in the bull bar before hand, so I had 7" Night Hawk spotties fitted by ARB (no affiliation to them). At the time 4WD Super Centre only had 9" spotties which I knew wouldn't fit, which is why I went to ARB.

        4WD Super Centre now have 7" spotties so you can try them. Usually they have fairly good products at good pricing. I used them for gear on my Patrol before I went to the Tuner.


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          Mounted on OEM steel bullbar: 2 x Lightforce spotties with HiD inserts, mounted forward slightly to fit + 23" Phillips LED lighter. I have no affiliation with either. I'm happy with both the light thrown and the look
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