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Dreadful review of Fortuner Crusade...

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  • Dreadful review of Fortuner Crusade...

    Toyota need to do some drastic changes to the line up on the value front otherwise the Fortuner isn't going to be around long selling in such a low volume.

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    Wow, the comments section of that article is out there.

    I think Toyota are protecting the Prado. Put too much gear into the Fortuner and you make the Prado redundant. It'll always have slightly less.

    Compared to the other brands, it is lacking some of the new aged safety gear. But I've always managed to stay in my lane (lane keep assist), make a head check (blind spot monitoring), park without hitting the car infront (front parking sensors) and cruise on the freeway without ramming the car infront of me (radar guided cruise)

    I guess for some buyers these things are important.


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      I thought the Fortuner Crusade was now $56,990 drive away (in white). They quote $61,990 drive away. That one inaccuracy probably influences (to a degree) what they say about value most of the way through the article...True that the Fortuner Crusade has nowhere near the features of others for the same price, such as the Pajero Sport Exceed.
      I am one of the people that would like the extra features for the same price, particularly the autonomous braking / front collision mitigation.


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        most ppl i know that have that tech in their vehicles, turn it off coz it annoys them.


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          In 2017 this review is perhaps more than pertinant, same review in 2016 or late 2015 not so much.

          The pointy end of the stick will always spear the Fortuner, but in a lower segment (GX or even GXL variants) those comments hold little credit.

          Saying that, they are right about the steelies lol.
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            I'm fairly content with my 2015 demo GX. That said, my GU Patrol didn't have anywhere near the bling my Tuner does & the Patrol served me well.

            If I was to criticise Mr Toyota, especially in this tech day & age, I think Sat-Nav, downhill assist control, & push button stop/start should at least be an option for the GX & GXL. And a more particular pain in the butt for me is the stock 80 Lt fuel tank. Surely they could have squeezed another modest 15-20 Lts under it somewhere??


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              August 2016 GX Auto fortuner here. 82000 kms on the clock. Combination of heavy offroad and highway. Loaded with work related equipment. NO ISSUES whatsoever. None at all.


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              Very happy with my Fortuner, no major issues whatsoever.

              Toyota doesnt worry about their Prado. One can tell... when was the last Prado TV ad.

              I see journalists rate vehicles based on price vs features & personal likes/dislikes etc.


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                I wouldn't buy the Crusade either because I don't think it offers value for money over the GXL.... but I did buy the GXL and love it... I never would've guessed how much I'd come to appreciate keyless entry and start. I test drove the Pajero Sport before test driving the Fortuner and, while the Pajero Sport was flashier on the inside, it was actually a put-off. The no-fuss simplicity of the Fortuner interior is what sold me.


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                  I test drove an Everest Trend (mid spec) right before my GX fortuner, the everest felt a lot less solid inside and the responsiveness of the engine seemed duller even though it might have more poke all up (they're both slow either way). I rate the GX as a good value modern 4x4, I wouldn't go the crusade either unless there was significantly more fruit in it. I agree with posts above, toyota protecting the vehicles above. I couldn't care less about lane departure/radar cruise etc, i bought this car to drive and have a bit of fun off-road, not drive me along the freeway.


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                    Caradvice review is typical of most reviews these days, meaningless trivia that has no substance, all about driver assist aids that we don't need.My wife drives my GLX around is 5'2''and 50 kg never heard her complain about heavy steering, she does however complain about the Porsche Boxsters steering at slow speed. So far the 2016 Fortuner has performed and pleased me no end, and last 2000 klm trip returned 6.8l / 100 k very happy buyer.


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                      I didnt even bother to test drive the Fortuner i have ordered. Getting a Crusade for 56k drive away was all i needed to hear. After owning 10 Hilux's (2 were Forerunners & 1 was a Surf), i was never buying anything else.


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                        this review made more sense to me ( despite the order of 1 and 2 but others dont come close IMO)

                        mate has an everest and pretty good.. i think they are very close and just comes down to personal preference and a few subtle differences. It was just a few small differences for me as to why i went the forty over the everest. Just the same as the ranger v hilux debate which will continue to rage (I obviously prefer hilux).

                        interesting they say forty better offroad than everest ..i would agree.

                        i continue to hear new fortuner owners are having to wait a long time for their order. .surely impacting sales numbers due supply issues which must impact buyer ability to negotiate a deal.

                        don't think twice new buyers reading this.. get the forty!

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                          Toyota must have gad some bizarre issues in their supply chain decision making, I bought my GX at 45k drive away with GXL rims and mats, as dealer had got money back from Toyota to clear stock as they'd over projected demand, now everyone's waiting, double fail.

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                        At least Practical Motoring discloses that Ford give "cash for comment" ..

                        take the other journo "sponsored" reviews with a grain of salt..

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                          I will be taking delivery of my GXL week after next. I was lucky to get one, as they are waiting for the next upgrade. Tested MU-X which was not bad, and shares the same auto transmission. Have driven an Everest also, but the Fortuna felt more together. I have driven a 2006 HDJ100R Landcruisers for the last 11 years, a 1996 Prado for 10 years prior to that, so looking forward to the Forty taking me to 2027. Mobility scooter maybe after that.