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  • Wodens

    I have a 2015 GXL (bought as a demo) previous car R51 Pathfinder.
    Has anyone fitted air bags to the standard rear suspension and if so which air bags.
    Am finding that the rear end sags quite a bit when loaded up with camping gear or firewood.
    I had ARB suspension with air bags on previous vehicle ( worked great) but hoping that the standard suspension on the Fortuner would be adequate.
    Also what are thoughts on fitting a nudge bar i.e. Toyota or aftermarket.
    Once again previous vehicle I fitted bullbar etc.
    Trying to conserve a few or a lot of precious dollars but still have a capable vehicle for out back trips and the corrugations that are encountered.
    I am in Melbourne and have several outback trips including two trips to W.A.
    Have only had one mishap being a stripped rear tyre on the Gibb River road..

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    I would also be interested in the air bag responses from other members. I'm looking to head out to the Gibb River Road from Perth enroute to the Mitchell Plateau. The Crusade is currently wearing Michelin HT tyres which I don'think will handle the conditions. I had Bridgestone Duelers on my previous Colorado without any complaints. Now if I could only make up my mind between buying an off road camper trailer or off road caravan. Big $$$ difference!!


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      When it`s time to replace standard tires I`ll be fitting BFG All Terrain. I did 100.000 with them on last vehicle.