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Underbody Rust protection

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  • Underbody Rust protection

    Has any one done a under body rust protection/ spray on their car yet? I am from Brisbane so I was thinking to take mine here for the Full Conventional Spray Rustproof (4yr Wty) $699.
    is it worth it?

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    I've always been skeptical about all available methods. 4 years warranty, I don't think a new car would "rust" in 4 years so that warranty is pretty lame.
    Always just washed after beach driving and I mean a proper wash, never had rust problems other than minor surface rust.
    Others will swear by rust proving though...


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      I would wait until after warranty if I really need to do this.. (but personally I prefer not to want everything under coated with black bitumen)
      Even if it going to rust inside out, there's no way to tell unless it cracks & falls off.


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        I have owned 2 cruiser over the last 23 years and never had rust issues both were around 17 years old with over 350,000k when i sold them and heaps of mud & beach work. Trick is to keep them clean, this includes hi pressure under body wash, especially after beach & mud trips (make sure you get in behind the guards). Problem is most people don't clean and the mud or salt water sand gets stuck, builds up and keeps moisture constantly which then causes rust.
        Better option is a electronic rust protection if you really want something. I use them on my older classic

        Hope this helps



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          Agree on the high pressure cleaning after mud or beach. I've tried both the lanolin and underbody tar options on previous vehicles (self applied). Psychologically it made me feel better about protecting my vehicles but in reality I'm not sure it achieved much. Best rust protection method is to buy a Landcover ... but that introduces a whole different world of pain based on the IIA and 110 I've owned!!