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Additional Light to Tailgate

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  • Additional Light to Tailgate

    I've been toying with adding another light to the inside of the tailgate to light up the area at night when touring/camping. Just wondering if anyone has done this already, and if you have what you ended up doing? I've got a Dual Battery, so was looking at hooking something in to that. Toying with the idea of a flexible stick on LED strip, with a switch mounted "somewhere" neat. Anyone done this or something like it and got any pics? Thanks in advance.

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    I've 2 x LED strip lights running horizontally mounted in the rear, & 2 x LED strips running vertically mounted in the rear. These 4 LEDS work off the 1 switch. These 4 lights illuminate the rear quite well at night.

    I also have 1 x LED strip light mounted on the rear ceiling liner, near the rear courtesy light. My fridge doesn't have an internal light, so the reason for this light is two fold. [1] to illuminate the fridge is slid out & opened, & [2] to give me light when I'm using the rear drawers.

    With the wiring, I ran 6 mm twin core from my deep cycle battery (under bonnet) to the rear of the car & connected it to a 4 gang LED switch panel, which I've used as a fuse junction box. From there to the LEDS, I used thinner wire gauge to the strip lights. The gang switch panel ain't pretty, but it works well enough for me.


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      Thanks Anthony, appreciate the response.


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        Forgot to mention I've also got 2 x LED strip lights mounted under the bonnet using double sided tape, to illuminate the engine bay. The red glow you can see at the passenger firewall is from the switch I installed & hooked up to the deep cycle battery. The photo was taken this morning about 6.30, just on dawn, so you can see it lights up the engine bay fairly well.