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    Hey all,

    We are very new to camping. I have brought a tent, gazebo and all the required accessories like tables and chairs.

    What i have seen a mate do a while back was use some strip led lighting to run under the roof of the gazebo etc.

    It appears to go into a power pack is that correct?

    If i didn't want to spend a lot of money on a power pack if that is that i need what are some effective and cheap ways of lighting my camp site at night?

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Gordo.

    I use these

    i like them as I can use them everywhere. Under the bonnet if broken down. In the house during power outages. We run them off those little USB power banks you can get in promo packs.

    Hope this helps.
    waiting for the weekend


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      We just stayed in our tent at powered sites at caravan parks when away recently so I could keep the car fridge running overnight, have a light outside the tent as well as a small electric heater to keep the cold at bay.


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        Hi gordo86, if you don't want to spend $1000 plus on a auxiliary battery I would use one of the jumper packs from Supercheap Auto. These units have 2 standard outlets and with a full charge will last at least 4 nights. I have had mine for about 6 years, the battery now needs replacing. Saying all that I did spend $1300 and got an auxiliary battery with 2 outlets inside and an Anderson out back. Morto


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          i can recommend the baintech powertop at around $650. you need to install an anderson plug to the rear however which is extra cost and secure it in the back somehow.. .. the important point is - I DONT have a dc to dc charger which adds a fair bit to the cost - the toyota's alternator works differently than the "smart" alternator in other new model cars..check both manuals (the car and the baintech) and the voltages match up down to 13.2V... everyone tells me not as effective as a DC to DC but it gives it a good charge I have used it for a week with only a tinyamount of driving per day. very happy for the cost. would prefer to spend the money on a solar blanket than a DC DC Charger (but havent needed either)
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            Cheers all!