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  • Aldi Roof Racks

    I have spent a lot of cash just buying my fortuner, always looking for ways to save some cash. Been looking at roof racks and noticing how dam expensive they are! Aldi has some 4wd gear for sales this weekend. They have a load limit of 90kg which i was looking at some around $300 and they had a limit of 75kg.

    Will post link of picture. Let me know what you think?


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    those universal clamps may not fit the 4Ts rails properly , I guess you ca always try them then take them back if they dont fit , Aldi have a very good returns policy.
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      90% chance the clamps wont work. Most universal clamps are designed for raised rails, not solid like what the fortuner has. I hear you about the price of racks, i just bought a pioneer platform after having a set of home made racks and an ebay tray. The home made stuff worked a treat, but the ebay tray rusted its mounts through

      I know it sucks paying so much for stuff, but the whole "do it right and do it once" really applies. The Aldi rack might be good for a year or 2, but being in the elements, im sure it will fatigue pretty quick.


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        I got my Rhino tradie rack from Auto Barn when they ran a 25% off store wide promo & saved a few hundred. If you can wait til they run another sale you'll definitely save doe. That said I don't know how often they run their sales.

        Agree with deeman re doing it once & right. May cost you more up front, but less chance of problems down the track, especially when off-road & miles from help. The other thing you mention is the Aldi load rating of 90kg. Remember, the tuners roof load rating is 75kg, regardless of the weight the rack can withstand.