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    If I buy a platform for roof storage do I already need to have some roof racks or does it comes with everything I need to install to roof?

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    Don't know what spec tuner you have, but mine is a GX, so didn't have roof rails or racks as standard equipment. I had ARB (no affiliation to them) install Rhino roof rails, & had them also supply the Rhino legs to suit my Tradie Rack.

    If you're buying the better known brands like Rhino or Thule etc, you'll likely be able to get anything you want to suit your set up, & build / attach onto it as you go. Stick to the better stockists / 4x4 retailers & they can best advise based on your wants.


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      Speaking of roof racks, nothing from Thule is available for the Fortuner in GX format.

      Those Rhino Rack Platforms need either a track mount or the Backbone system, and yep they need feet to suit.

      Still debating on if i go a Frontrunner Slimline system, which seems to come with everythign needed, however not exactly easily removable.

      If you want t take it all off occasionally, definitely look at the track/feet/platform system.
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        Gordo86, will depend on the platform that your buy, some of them need racks, some fit themselves to the legs mounted over the rails/tracks. You still will have to buy the legs which the platform will fit to. if you have a GX you will need to fit the rails/tracks as well. I don't have a platform but a basket but thinking about a platform for the future