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  • Awning

    Got a Tiger11 (now Kings brand??) 2.5 x 2.5 awning I've tried to fit to my Rhino tradie rack. Couldn't do it using the Tiger brackets so I got a pair of Rhino brackets. These obviously fit the tradie rack but don't fit onto the awning. Only one bolt hole of the two in this bracket lines up with the Tiger awning.

    Any thoughts on possible solutions? The cheaper option for me is to get brackets that fit, otherwise I've gotta get a new awning.

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    Can you drill new holes in the rhino bracket that line up with the kings awning, or vice-versa?


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      Tried drilling & it worked. Thought the steel in the bracket may have been too tough, but the power drill worked fine. Only needed one larger hole per bracket.


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        I use these very nicely made (laser cut stainless steel) brackets from a local ebay seller:

        I also use his shovel holder with quick fists:

        The hardware (channel-nuts and bolts) are better than the rhino ones!



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          They do look good. Will have to keep these in mind next time I'm chasing brackets. Thx


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            Hi all - got to be honest, I'm pretty frustrated by all the different options of awning out there and trying to get the "right" one. All I really know is that i don't want to drill through my Toyota cross bars to fit the thing - probably wanting a "T" bolt or similar to fix the awning.

            Can anyone recommend a good awning (hopefully with a fitting kit provided) that I could look at?



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            Got the Prorack recovery board holder and it fits the Toyota crossbars nicely. Decided to mount them flat. The kit also comes with brackets for mounting them on their side at a slight angle. It can hold up to 4 maxtrax or tred recovery boards and the cambuckles on the straps are rubber coated to avoid any nasty paint chips. The board holders fit to the crossbar with 2 "T" bolts each. They supply a thin cable that can be used with a padlock to secure it. I just used a bike lock cable. Will likely follow up with the Prorack awning too at some stage.