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  • Recovery

    How many snatch straps should one carry and how long should they be?

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    One is all you need. Not sure of the length of the one I have, but I think they are all around the same length. Just make sure BOTH attachment points are up to the task. Have seen first hand what a fully loaded/stretched snatch strap and hook can do when they let go... not pretty!
    I have a 9000lb winch on my vehicle, and carry a snatch block and a winch extension strap, same length as the snatch strap, and find that any combination of these is enough to get me out of any sticky situations, either with another vehicle or by myself.


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      Same as Mick66, ive got a 12000lb winch, snatch strap, winch extension strap, tree trunk protector, snatch block and a few shackles. Only 2 days ago i got into a very dodgy position on the side of a dune and the winch saved me (and the car from rolling onto its roof!!) I am so happy i installed it the week before. Where i was, a snatch strap wouldnt have helped. If you have a tow hitch, you can buy a reese hitch adaptor with recovery shackle built in if you dont trust the underbody hooks (about $50 from supercheap auto)

      P.S. Mick66, any chance you can put up some photos of your winch install so i can compare and see if i installed mine correctly?


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        Sorry Deeman, should have stated, was talking about my slightly modded Landcruiser HZJ75. It turned 22 years old this year and still going strong. (I've had it for 20 of those 22 years)!
        But yes, the items mentioned above should be quite sufficient to get you out of 99% of situations in the Fortuner, considering the Fortuner is lighter than the Landcruiser.
        12000lb winch and snatch block and you would be able to winch the Fortuner UP the tree Deeman!


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          Well for a little bit i was winching the Nissan Patrol anchor vehicle towards me!


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            Originally posted by deeman111 View Post
            Well for a little bit i was winching the Nissan Patrol anchor vehicle towards me!
            I like that!
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