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Mechanical key won't open door.............

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  • Mechanical key won't open door.............

    Hi All,
    Got a 2016 GXL that I bought in June 2016 and today when I needed to open the drivers door with the mechanical key that resides in the keyless remote FOB, it wouldn't unlock the door. The car was left locked overnight with the battery disconnected, the doors locked and the bonnet open to allow reconnection of the battery the the following day. Someone shut the bonnet accidently, so I was left with the car locked and battery disconnected with no way to unlock the doors it with the keyless remote.
    No worries, I'll use the mechanical key !
    Nope, the key seems to operate OK, but the I was unable to open the door.
    Ended up having to get the RACV in to get to get the bonnet up to reconnect the battery to unlock the doors with the keyless remote.
    The RACV bloke said it wasn't the first time he'd struck a mechanical key that wouldn't open a Toyota with keyless entry.
    Anyone else had a similar issue ?

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    Sounds like the key just activates the electric solenoid rather than physically connected to the locking mechanism.