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    After Fraser Island it's time for one massive service, all filters, oil, handbrake clean and adjust, clean MAF, grease and whatever else I can think of. All but auto trans and transfer case. These will get done when I source an oil cooler for it, then its a full flush and a cooler trans.
    after I do service and or repairs it's funny that I feel the vehicle is just happier as if it's a living thing. That sounds dumb now I have typed it out 😂

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    Here you can see the water section of the filter on the bottom plus dirt marks in filter. Filters clean from outside to inside.


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      so going by that filter do you think its a good idea to install a pre filter anyway ? ive got a 30 micron , and have been told the factory filter is 10 micron
      2019 GX , in White


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        If I was heading around Australia and going remote areas I would consider an extra filter but will be after main filter
        I think the filter in it is well designed for water and dirt contamination. Has drain plug and warning light.
        So really the finer post filter is for long term reliability but in saying that if you get water with a fill up you will want the pre filter as an extra barrier.
        I have seen water suck straight through fuel filters and go through pump and injectors.
        At the end of the day clean fuel is paramount and extra safety does no harm to the system if it's a pre filter or post filter. The low pressure feed pump on a common rail is pretty tough and can cope with another filter inline.
        A diesel expert in my area who I have much respect for did tell me once that a concern for him is contaminating that happens when filters get changed.


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          I picked up about 20ml of water ,visible in the sight glass , at Coen , on the way to the Cape this year . I drained the pre filter and have had no more since touch wood. On the subject of filters , have you had anything to do with the pressurised filter on the side of the block? I was told its 2 micron , not serviceable , and there to catch any metal particles in case of injector pump failure. Also seems to act as a fuel cooler i think . then the fuel goes back to the main filter , maybe to warm the incoming fuel? dont know.
          2019 GX , in White


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            Definitely good call on getting the pre filter! Site glass is a really valuable tool to have and saved your main filter 👍
            I haven't had anything to do with the filter you mentioned, maybe Toyota put it in because of huge issues Denso injectors have with wear from contamination.
            ill definitely see what I can find out.
            Been reading lots of info into types of DPF regeneration to fully understand what is happening in the Toyota without the myths. I believe I have captured what's going on after monitoring the analog signal and searching the web for the relevant info.