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  • Bumper Bar & Panel Repairs

    Apologies if this thread appears anywhere else on the forum.

    I put a dent in my rear bumper & was wondering if anyone knows of mobile bumper repairers around the Sydney area. Not a huge dent - 25mm wide & 35mm long, but its on the crease line of the bumper.

    I tried a dent repair, but he suggested a bumper repairer. The bumper repairer I tried didn't say he'd fix it, just that its a difficult repair. I took that to mean he might do the job, and charge like a wounded bull for it.

    Any thoughts, or repairers details would be appreciated.

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    I did the same thing or at least I did one side of the rear bumper and then my wife did the other. One repairer was very keen to repair it when I talked on the phone to them but when I took the car there, an older guy had a look at it and advised me it wasn't worth it because it wasn't a panel and it wasn't going to rust as it was only plastic. He thought if it was being used off road it was going to get a whole lot more anyway. i don't recall the original quote but wounded bull would be right and I decided I'd spend the money on something else I actually needed.