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Ford ranger recall for DPF concern - grass fires

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  • Ford ranger recall for DPF concern - grass fires

    This recall from Ford for their newest model Ranger concerning its DPF creating a grassfire risk, published on Callinan’s
    We’ll be watching closely for Toyota’s response for Fortuner/Prado/Hilux!
    “Ford Australia is taking precautions to protect its customers by initiating a Safety Recall for approximately 59,000 Ford Ranger PXII vehicles built after July 2016. The recall is in relation to a risk of fire due to grass or vegetation accumulation near the DPF (diesel particulate filter) that produces very high temperatures during regeneration mode.

    The DPF regeneration can radiate a considerable amount of heat which could create a fire risk if sufficient grass or vegetation accumulates in this area. Ford is contacting customers now to alert them of the risk and provide instructions on how to inspect their vehicle. Customers are reminded to refer to the warnings in the Owner Manual especially relating to starting and stopping the engine, fuel and refuelling.

    While the likelihood of this situation arising is low, Ford is taking precautionary action to help prevent this situation from occurring as customer safety is the company’s top priority. Customers will be contacted again as parts are available to address this concern.

    Ford is committed to providing its customers with vehicles of the highest quality and is committed to addressing potential issues and responding quickly to its customers.”

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    Arguably same can be said for the Fortuner/Prado/Hilux...Should also add not to spray any form of protectant (WD 40, INOX etc) as I have had smoke flowing from under the engine bay and transfer case during a DPF burn after doing this :S

    I wonder what the fix will be, some cover plate?


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      Maybe it’s situated closer to under the vehicle rather than right up in the engine bay out of the way.


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        The DPF in the Fortuner/Prado/Hilux is up high in the engine bay. Anything flammable (dry grass) that gets up into the engine, DPF equipped or not, has a potential to start a fire. The exhaust manifold is hotter than the DPF.

        Other manufacturers have placed DPFs in the down pipe section of the exhaust or in some cases under the belly of the car. This is dumb.
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          there have been many grass fires in outback australia due to hot exhausts , on petrol and diesel engines. Pays to carry a fire extinguisher at all times and remember you only get 30secs to put out the fire before the extinguisher puffs out.
          Still , with the Ranger , that doesnt explain the only reason why they catch alight. one was smoking on the Cape Trib ferry road when i was behind it!! scary . some sort of electrical issue.
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