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Water Bladder - Container

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  • Water Bladder - Container

    For those who may be interested, I custom ordered a Fleximake (03 8772 2228) water bladder. 1st photo is in the car, located between the second row passenger seat & cargo barrier. The 2nd is just hanging off the bull bar & half filled to make sure there's no leaks. Basically its Fleximake's 85 litre unit cut down the middle; ie 850 mm long x 600 mm high x 200 mm deep (at the bottom, similar to a tear drop shape). Approx capacity being 45 litres. Cost just under $250 delivered.

    The blue thing you can see behind it is just an old foam camp mat cut up to give some support so it doesn't rub against the cargo barrier. An old piece of carpet, or yoga mat will do the same job.