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  • Cargo tie down points

    I have removed my back seats so I now have plenty of room in the back but the one obvious thing that is missing from the back of the Fortuner is cargo tie down points. At the moment my fridge tends to wander around the back ending up on all sorts of curious angles.

    I have the rubber cargo mat too which I am loathe to start cutting holes in without a good reason.

    Has anyone pulled up their back carpet to have a look for captured nuts for potential tie down points?

    Anyone have any other potential solutions?

    P.S. This should probably be in an 'interior' section but we don't have one of those yet.

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    Tuna, had the same thoughts and came up with the following partial solution. I utilised the centre fixing points for the rear seats, removed as you have, as per the photo, using 2 12mm eye nuts. I used 12 mm so the original 10mm bolts fit within them. I used eye nuts and not eye bolts because the fixing bolts are 10mm metric fine and you cannot buy eye bolts in this size. If you want to try this you will also need 2 x 10mm x 35mm metric fine bolts. The originals are to short. They have not been tested yet. Hope this helps.


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      I like this idea 👍 Makes holding removable containers easy, no need heavy drawer systems

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    How hard are the seats to get out?


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      Marti, thanks for details. I'll be off to my local bolt shop this week.

      Hutch, they are a bit of a pain. They are not designed to be easily removed. Its a two beer job (or it took me that long...) and half the french dictionary Mine will not be going back in...


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        Thanks for the pics Marti. I think that will be good for big things in the back and I will put something similar in. I have some slightly lighter weight rings from my last 4wd that I think will suit.. Still not sure how to hold down my fridge though.

        The seats were a little difficult to remove. About 2 beers is a good estimate.

        They are of course spring loaded so need to be in the upright position to get out and from memory there were 3 bolts to remove and a fairly sturdy pin holding it in alignment.

        Two bolts were easy but the third was hard to access and there was a piece of plastic trim in the way that was also hard to get off.

        My recommendation is to go slow and use a torch to make sure you don't accidentally damage the trim. I was careful and managed to do it without scratching anything but I pulled the trim off by hand, no screwdrivers.

        Now that they are out I have a rather big gap in the trim on each side that doesn't look very attractive. It will be interesting to see if any Toyota trim becomes available to fill the hole but I suspect this will only be the case if they release Fortuners without the third row of seats. Have to wait and see what gets released OS too.
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          I agree, Toyota, get your act together, a 4x4 and no tie downs. My 10yo Forester had tie downs. A drawer set would be nice,, however that's more expense that can wait.
          Taking the back 2 seats outs was a pain, don't think they will be going back in at any time.

          I have spoken to the dealer about the tie downs, seats and also no grab handles for the rear seat passengers when getting in as in Hilux etc.
          Toyota really need to do more testing with normal people and not race car drivers !! Some of the motoring writers don't have a clue.

          Let's hope some clever person makes a plastic cover available for the hole in the side panel's where the seats were.


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            Looking underneath I noticed grommets fitted to holes at the rear corners of the floor, was thinking of using seatbelt hardware, ie plates with nuts welded and 30mm washer on the inside to fit a couple of eye bolts, anybody out there used tose fixing points??


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              Hi mate I found them grommets underneath on both corners that you are talking about. Great find. I’m thinking they might be perfect for my compressor and water. Do you know how to get to them from the top?


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                Originally posted by borgna View Post
                Hi mate I found them grommets underneath on both corners that you are talking about. Great find. I’m thinking they might be perfect for my compressor and water. Do you know how to get to them from the top?
                Just pull the carpet up, see pics here: