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Worn Drivers Mirror

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  • Worn Drivers Mirror

    G’day all.

    Our drivers side mirror is flogged out from using towing mirrors. I asked Toyota and they said it wouldn’t be covered under warranty as extension mirrors have been used. I explained that the vehicle is capable of towing 2.8t and in most cases it is a legal requirement to have extension mirrors fitted. They looked at me like a dog watching Tele!

    On our last trip, headwind was enough to make the mirrror collapse. Anyone else got the same issue? The only solution I can see is to get Clearview mirrors - which just look plain ugly I reckon. Or replace the mirror assembly for $1000 or so!

    The old Prado mirrors were fine...


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    If mirror is moving in / out easily try using the button that retracts and pushed mirror back out. This fixed that loose mirror issue for me


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      Yeah, tried that. There’s excess play when the mirror is fully extended still...


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        Doesn’t sound good then mate

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      Exact same problem for me. Only happens to drivers side because the fold back system is just not strong enough to cope with wind gusts from passing trucks.
      The constant wobble from the extension mirrors has knackered what feels like just a cheap ball in a recess system.
      Even though I wrapped two layers of non-slip rubber over the end of the extension shaft, when it gets pushed hard up against the door it has left a wear mark and a small dent in the drivers door.


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        i got around it by getting one of these for the drivers side.

        i had to use a bit of clear tube to make it grab the Milenco arm neatly but works a treat.