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  • Fuel Supply Locations

    Hey all. This is a 'long shot' type question, but does anyone know if there's an app or a website that lists all the locations within each state, of the towns / locations of where fuel can be found?

    In November, red dune listed where he got fuel from & the cost etc, but other than we Forum members detailing this, I was hoping there may already be an app or something already available.

    Its just one of those things I'd like to get my hands on, rather than a necessity. Plus it may come in handy on an upcoming trip up to the Gulf later this year.

    From experience, I've found that my Hema atlas & other maps have the fuel bowser symbol next to a township, but when I've got there, there's no bowers & fuel hasn't been there for years.

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    The Fortuner Crusade multimedia system/GPS has this feature inbuilt


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      I've a GX, so no GPS for me.


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        I had the fuel locations using the ToyotaLink app and toyota head unit and i've got the gx, then i ripped the crap head unit out and put in decent one