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  • Picking up new car

    Just wonder if you guys have come across the dealers giving you a 2015 car when you asked for a 2016, is this reasonable to accept or would you be asking for some cash back or them to throw in some more goodies?

    The dealer said that if it is complianced in 2016 but built in 2015 it doesn't matter but i am sure as shit that everyone go's on the build year not the complacence plate when looking at secondhand cars even the dealers if you trade a car in?

    Any info or opinions will be fantastic as wife picks up car on Thursday

    Also have a check list i made up if anyone wants it.

    It is in PDF form but i have it in Excel but wont upload for some reason
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    I was in the same boat mate.
    I asked for a 2016 model but was given a January complianced November 2015 model.
    At the end of the day there is nothing that you can do apart from wait a few more months until they build your car?
    I am starting to wonder how the Fortuner's are selling in Australia.
    I have no complaints about my car but to be honest don't see many on the road.


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      I think i will just have to take it as my wife isn't really that comfortable with picking it up as it is as i have done all the leg work and financing.

      It wouldn't make much of a difference as we plan on keeping the car for a very long time.

      I don't see many either but i can't wait for the aftermarket gear to come out


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        Probably not much of an issue if you hang onto the car for a bit but either way I just don't like how dealers try to screw us over.
        My contract conditions specified that vehicle is Built & Complied 2016.


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          the truth is we all did not see many fortuner on the road, I think selling is not very well personally,
          I think dealer still have pre-ordered 2015 built new cars, they need to get rid of them first.
          the best protection is like above friend , writing a condition on contract.
          or need to wait few months

          I purchased just after last year launch on Nov

          but it is no doubt that fortuner is a good car, people need time to accept this kind of vehicel.


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            The wife is picking it up a day earlier now and the dealer has said it is build and compliance plated in 2016 so all good now.

            Then straight out camping for Easter once i fly home so now my wife can start packing. He He


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              Starting to see a few on the road last week or so. (6 in 6 days)

              I ordered my Crusade in Dec and I was told it will be a Feb build delivery mid March. Got told on the 11th hr it will not arrive until late April. Grrrrrrrr