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  • Prado v 4tuna

    I am currently driving a 2016 Vx Prado and the week before I was driving a gxl 4tuna. The Prado drives much nicer on the road than the tuna however I just don't love the size of the Prado.

    Has anyone else driven the Prado and 4tuna? What are your thoughts on both vehicles?

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    In what way don't you like the way the Fortuner drives in comparison to the Prado?
    If the Prado is a larger car then what don't you like about it?
    I have never driven a Prado so I can't really comment however I also have a nice Tarago GLX I am selling which drives completely different to my Fortuner (quieter, smoother & faster.)
    Depends what you're looking for in a car and everyone knows the Fortuner was designed more for 'off-roading'.


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      I've not driven the new 2.8 Prado but plenty of others. Their respective heritage tells the story: the Prado is a poor man's Lexus (but has excellent ride quality as a result!) and the Fortuner is a family man's' Hiliux (and no-one has ever bought a Hilux for ride quality. Ever).


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        The Prado feels better on the road , more sedan like than the tuna as this is where one would spend most of its time. That being said I don't need or like the size of the Prado it's just a bit too big.(and I don't need to be one of those people who think bigger is better/beat my chest) 😂


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          Do you need off road capability? If not go the Kluger, probably even better on road than the Prado


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            Regarding the size you feel, prado looks bigger, but it actually wider than fortuner only around 4cm, lengh and tall are similar, roughly similar size between 2 cars

            Prado is all-wheel-drive all time seems, but fortuner is only part-time 4x4, on hard road only 2-wheel drive, when driving, all wheel drive is feel better for higher car i think.

            for me, I have not drive too many cars, only civic , crv , falcon, multivan kind of , so, not quite sensitive for the driving performance.

            fortuner to me , have not too much difference personally, but I believe prado will drive better than fortuner.

            just for reference, ^_^