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prado or fortuner?

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  • prado or fortuner?

    planning to buy a 7 seater capable to go offroad. which one is better a 2014 toyota prado gxl auto 115,000km for $43k or a 2016 fortuner gxl auto 70,000km for $39k? any advice is much appreciated specially on ride and handling.

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    $hit. Where do you start ???

    One is a bigger car than the other; Prado has older tech engine; Fortuner a newer engine & auto gearbox; Prado has a bigger fuel tank; Prado has better GVM; Fortuner has stylish looks; going off-road you'll likely get a suspension upgrade, so perhaps that question negates itself cause you'd do the suspension regardless of the car you settle on.

    Based on the few problems I had trying to find & get aftermarket items for my Tuner, you'll likely have less such issues with the Prado. That said, there's more items on the market for the Fortuners now.

    Re the difference in vehicle size, I came from a GU Patrol to the Fortuner. While I've adjusted my packing etc to suit the slightly Tuner, I gotta be honest & say I still miss the size of the Patrol.

    I went through the same problem with picking a "retirement present car" for myself. I originally wanted a 200 series cruiser about 4-5 yrs old, but the money was up there for one with decent mileage, $60K. Then I thought for that money, I could get a new Prado. But then I thought its a smaller car, 4 cylinders as opposed the V8 cruiser. Then it was do I really want to spend $63K on a Prado. Then I thought what about a 3-4 yr old Prado, but again the money was up there for a 'good' used car at over $50K. Having retired, I only wanted to spend 45K, not including what I could get for my Patrol.

    Then I came across a 2015, 6 month old GX demo Fortuner for $53K. When I checked it out & asked about a trade, they said $8K fror my yr 2000 Patrol. Hmmm... my 45 (that they didn't know I had), & they 8 trade in, added up to 53K. The upshot, Fortuner in the drive-way. Oh, one more thing;; had I of got either the used Cruiser or Prado, a few yrs after I'd have got it, it would have been about 10 yrs old. But a few yrs after I got the Fortuner, its only a few yrs & 6 months old.

    Sorry for all the words, but I went through exactly what you're going through.


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      i went through the same questions , coming from a large 4WD people mover to something smaller. There is little space difference between Fortuner and Prado , they are both the same wheelbase , same width but the Prado is a bit higher inside , but not that much. Both are much the same underneath . You have got to be very careful buying anything with a 1KD engine , do a search for 1KD cracked pistons and you will see what i mean .they also suffer blocked EGR systems and timing gear tooth chipping. The twin tanks Prado use come with thier own issues as well , pump and electrical failures are common .

      The 1GD motor is light years ahead and will be in future , despite DPF issues. smooth quiet and powerful.

      If you get a Tuna and add an extended fuel tank the gap between both cars will be much smaller.
      2019 GX , in White


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        Generally - Fortuner is better than the older model Prado (as you are looking at), but when the Prado was updated in November 2017, they added automic braking and a bunch of other updates (rear Diff lock etc), and the Prado took back over.

        The Fortuner has less KM and a newer generation engine and 6 speed Auto, so out of those 2 cars, I would lean towards the Fortuner.

        However for the money you are talking, I think it would be better to add a little extra and buy a new vehicle and know what you are getting, not possibly buy someone else's problems.
        Be careful with second hand 4WD's.
        70,000 km is a lot on a 2016 model vehicle.
        Just my thoughts.
        Have a look at the links below. In the end it's a personal choice mate. Good luck.
        In the second link, scroll down to the Prado Vs Fortuner explanation as there may be some info that you hadn't considered (written about the 2016 models I think).
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