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  • Mobile phone signal booster / antenna

    started looking into equipment that will boost Mobile phone signal for mainly data on the Telstra network. I need something I can transfer between car and caravan.

    looking on the internet is giving me a headache cause this is something that’s not my area of expertise in any way and have no previous experience in such equipment.

    so I am hoping you guys can help me out and recommend a product that actually works.

    cheers, Luke

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    Try Wireless World on 03 8060 1682 I found them on ebay when looking for a car cradle charger & docking station, with an external antenna kit set up for my Patrol, & used them again for the Fortuner when I changed phones. They may have something to suit your needs.


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      That’s awesome mate thanks.
      I’d rather deal with a business that someone has had a positive experience from.

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    I posted same sort of question on facebook the other day, a few people mentioned ‘strike’. Trouble was not holding a phone in its case, but then went looking in local auto-one to see what was there and there ya go, strike universal booster. It’s been on a few days and difference is noticeable even without antenna. Might get one later but happy with just the cradle boost so far. I drove 60km each way to work in country WA, it’s helping.


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      Thanks mate, I’m having a look round today.


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        Has anyone had and experience driving around western QLD areas such as Townsville to Karumba, Julia creek, winton and the dinosaur trail etc with outback communications? Would one of these phone cradles help much or do you still need a Satphone or EPIRB?


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          rich; am going from Sydney to the Gulf & back this August. To give you an idea its via Coonabarabran, Lightning Ridge, St George, Mitchell, Barcaldine, Augathella, Longreach, Kynuna, Winton, Mt Isa, Adels Grove, Karumba, etc, back to Sydney via Tamworth. (May have got some of the locations out of visiting order, but you get the idea). Away about 4 weeks all up.

          For what its worth, I've a car cradle / external 7db antenna bull bar mounted set up. I'm with Telstra. I've found others in our group with Telstra who only have a phone, don't get reception until a few minutes after I do. It doesn't sound like much, but driving at 100-110kph, can mean a few kilometers distance in real terms, & able to contact help in an emergency. Its very likely I'll have Telstra coverage in all these places, but its the places in between towns I worry about.

          That said, I own a Sat phone that I'll get activated for the time of our trip, but will only use it in a real emergency situation. The mate who plans & leads all our trips, has a sat phone & an EPIRB. Good luck with what you settle on.


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            We've just finished a trip up the centre, turning east at tennant creek & back to the east coast. Our phones are with telstra & we found that some places are serviced with telstra & others with optus. Next trip we will be getting a pre-paid optus sim to put in one of our phones to maximise coverage.
            we also take a sat phone for emergencies.


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              I got myself a mobile signal booster from, that works pretty good with Telstra, haven't experienced any signal problems since. By the way, they provide services for other providers in AU.