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Airbag Man high pressure airbags

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  • Airbag Man high pressure airbags

    Just had some Airbag Man HP airbags fitted to my Tuna in anticipation of the new caravan (arrives in May). With ATM of van over 2.5t, I'm going to need the anti-sag treatment. I've gone for the HP ones so we'll see how they go when I put the van on the tow. Had them fitted by Auto Giant at Brendale (Nth Brisbane) and they seem to have done the job well and not charged me an arm and a leg. The bags retail at $495 and the fitment was $220.

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    Nice! What can did you get? Is yours auto or manual?


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      Sorry, Rusty...but is that what "car" did I get? My Tuna is a 2018 GXL six speed auto. So, it's rated to tow 2.8t, which I intend to keep well under if I can. The airbags just give me more peace of mind, as will the weight (or load) distribution hitch.