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TJM Bullbar & Drifta Drawers

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  • TJM Bullbar & Drifta Drawers

    Went into TJM this afternoon to enquire whether their bullbars had been released.
    I was told they were the same as the Hilux bullbars & the black steel one is available.
    Weighs about 90kg & was quoted just under 2.5k fitted.

    Also after an enquiry to Drifta drawers I received an email from Mark stating that he'd measured up a Fortuner recently & they are available.
    He's going to send through some prices tomorrow.

    I'm in Adelaide, so prices will probably vary depending where you're located.


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    Forgot to say that they have recovery points on the bullbar too.


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      Cheers for that Benicio, I think you have made a few people happy!
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        Hi all. Off Road Systems (ORS) at Smeatons Grange (south west sydney) have drawer profiles for the Fortuner. Their first Fortuner fit-out is on 4 July, & today, I've booked my car in for 19 July. It took about 70 minutes to get there from Kingsford, & back the same back home. ORS is closer to me than where Drifter is located. Hope this helps.