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    Is anyone on this forum running a rock armour bullbar? I know these are pretty much the cheapest bar on the market but i realy like how much better they seem to fit on a fortuner compared to all the bumper cutting to fit the other brands apart from a rhino bar. Just wondering if anyone has any feed back on these bars

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    I just had mine fitted today - but sorry to say unlike the Hilux bar which has the black metal panels and eliminates the bumper it is a bumper cut fitting on the Fortuner. I really like the bar and it looks a bit like the ARB bar if you squint a little - but it is very well fitted to the Fortuner. The upper plastic grill touches the bar A frames however (just a little) and I think it will create a slight wear mark in the plastic but I am not worried about that. Got mine in Brisbane at Aussie Offroad and cannot fault the service or attention to detail. Great crew and did a great job - cost me $1250 fitted with LED foglamps and LED daylight parking and indicator lights with a Brisbane 4WD and Camping show special price! Hard to beat that. It adds 40kg to the vehicle and another 30kg plus if you fit a winch (as I did) - and the car feels very heavy at the front and less keen to turn in as soon as you drive it. That is the only sad part but on my last trip into NW NSW we had at least 6 near misses with roos every afternoon (before 4:30pm) and I am sick of emergency braking and driving at 80-90km in the 100 zones just because there is scrub near the road side and roos everywhere. I'm sure I'll get usued to it soon.


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      at the end of the day you cant fault the bar for the extra weight as no matter what steal bar you fit it will have the same effect. I knew they where still a bumper cut i find it weird as looking at the photos ive the only bit of your original bumper still used is under the head lights. Is that correct? any chance of you throwing some pics up? I wish i could find one for $1250 fitted the best i can find is $1250 just for the bar then like $400 fitted

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    Great price! I'd love to see some photos !!


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      Click image for larger version

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        There are 3250kg rated integrated recovery points (bridle recommended to spread the load during a snatch) and a gap between the factory sump guard and the bar exposing the radiator for the aircon mainly and this could suck in grass and sticks would be a risk - it is very neat otherwise and I could just get 7” spotties to fit without blocking the plastic access covers to the winch (clutch lever). Driving it this morning - Day 2 - I didn’t notice the bar weight as much but I am running 34psi on the factory Yokohamas. Also suspension now only 20mm off the bump stop!! About a 10-12mm droop but I didn’t measure it fornally...



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          Thanks for putting the pics its a good looking bar for what you pay for them guess ill just have to wait till they are on sale to pick on up. Its a shame they didnt release them with metal inlays like Hilux bar just to make the joint between the bar and original bumper look neater


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            Yeah you are right blatchi.
            But in the end its enough of a saving to cover the winch and Dobinson MRR shocks / springs as well compared to an ARB or TJM bar fitted. I am happy and on a budget...


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              Had the Dobinson suspension fitted with MRR remote shocks. Neat install and front end droop corrected but I think I gained only 5-10mm ride height over factory... The bullbar and winch and 2 years driving the Fortuner had lost me 35mm in front height over a brand new Fortuner at the dealer - I never measured my car suspension when it was factory new. The CV angles look happy and the rear lift was an enormous 60mm with just one 5-6mmm drive shaft centre bearing spacer and there is a wobbly vibration from stop to 10km/hr or so but not always. I will wait til the rear comfort (no fixed extra load rating) springs settle in a bit (?5-10mm drop over time) before I add more spacer height. Overall I am happy with the basic bull bar in black and the saving that allowed me the winch and suspension for about the same as a full price colour matched ARB or TJM bar.... Still need to test it off road but onroad rides better than factory for comfort and while nearly as much body roll there is less tyre squeal as each wheel is really kept on the ground as much as possible.


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                So I just found out that powerful 4x4 has blocked me from commenting on there FB page when the only thing ive ever asked is if a Fortuners front bar has been cut correctly in photo they posted. I guess im better of going to a company that doesnt think thats a good way to treat potential customers.


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                  I hear you biatchi!
                  I asked if the winch mount bracket (substantial steel framework that also taked the six bolts holding the bullbar on and has the same bolt pattern on the chassis as the Roadsafe recovery points is rated for recovery and was told the Fortuner winch mount is not rated. I think I have the Hilux mount (and bar) because the bar asctually touches the plastic grill (wearing the plastic with vibrations and chassis flex on driving) so will ask again as I cannot mount the recovery points and winch mount together. I was told the recovery points (underneath and part of the winchmount) are 3250kg rated - email from Powerful 4x4 "not rated for Fortuner" but they look bloody strong enough and bolt onto chassis with 7 large 8.8 high tensile bolts per side and are part of a solid steel winch cradle.... I will ask again.

                  I am happy with the bar but just want the option to join a 4x4Club and as you know rated recovery points are usually mandatory for offroad trips with clubs. I also noted that my Runva is bloody noise in operation - very loud - but others have commented on this too. Works OK but not used in anger yet.



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                    I also added some washers to the driveshaft spacer - undid the bolts and saw the 'natural' position the drive shaft adopted and added the washers in. No vibration now and about 7mm spacing in total.... Bar OK sofar after 4 months and no rust. Lanolin is my new best friend and I sprayed the inside of the bar work with liberal lanolin to help avoid rust once it gets muddy or salty but I do wash carefully after offroading...