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Painting Alloy Bullbar?

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  • Painting Alloy Bullbar?

    So this may be a thick question, but is it an issue painting an Alloy bull bar? I like the look of the colour coded bars, yet prefer the lightness of an alloy bar... why can't they painted? it never seems to be an option. I hate the shiny alloy look...

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    it has to do with the paint/powder coat on the alloy. Doesn't stick well and prone to chippong and flaking.

    Also alloy more expensive so if you are hiding the shiny alloy bling behind paint.. not much point and not a big market for that. Cheaper and stronger steel sells the volume. I guess if weight was really important you could do it but prepare for chipping.

    What is the weight difference? To get the bar strong they need to use a fair bit of alloy. I was surprised at how small the weight difference between some alloy and steel bars..

    More about the look in the end
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      Yeah i figured that was the case... Although a lot of cars use aluminium panels etc, so there must be a decent way to paint them. There is probably a misconception that the alloy bars are always lighter, but I don't have the facts on that. Cheers