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Tow bar supply and install questions

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  • Tow bar supply and install questions

    Hi everyone

    Am finally getting around to getting a tow bar for the Fortuner, and have a couple of question for those in the know or have gone through this previously.

    Price for the supply and install by Toyota is generally around $1000 to $1200 at a dealer walking in off the street, which from what I can see is about $300 to $400 more than that i'd pay for a Hayman Reese installed bar or similar from a tow bar specialist.

    The Toyota bar is installed through the rear bumper, where as all others I see are installed so the tongue extends from underneath the bumper, and appear to sit lower.

    Question, am I going to loose ground clearance and departure angle by not getting a Toyota tow bar? and how much are people paying for supply and install generally?


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    My OEM bar is through the bumper. On face value you'd likely lose a bit of clearance if mounted under the bumper. At a guess maybe 4-6cm?

    Tow bars on my Pajero & Patrol were under the bumper. Clearance never even crossed my mind. That said, if I'm not towing when off road I take the tongue/ball out of the bar, which helps a bit with clearance, but that's negligible anyway. My clearance is more affected by the sub fuel tank, which lowered the spare as it sits above the spare.


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      Any aftermarket kits that go through the rear bumper? The OEM does look good with the plastic shroud.


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        Not sure where you live, but this place is called C.T.B., (Cosmopolitan Tow Bars) in Botany (Sydney), about a 10 minute drive from Sydney airport. They installed my Hayman Reese t/bars. I also had them install a t/bar on my daughter's Freelander. She was quoted $1800 for genuine, CTB did it and saved her about $600 8-10 yrs ago.

        Ring and ask if they've got a t/bar to suit, and if it goes through the bumper or under, and cost. Even if you're not local, it'll give some answers. Good luck.


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          Thanks All.

          I'll have a look at some examples in person and get some quotes on OEM through Toyota and some independents.