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4WD Supacentre Titan Rear Drawers - mounting bolt placement?

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  • 4WD Supacentre Titan Rear Drawers - mounting bolt placement?


    I have a set of these 4WD Supacentre Titan Rear Drawers to install in my Fortuner. Obviously 3rd row of seats removed already. Has anybody mounted these already?

    I was thinking the 3rd row seat catch mounts would be the only plave. I prefer not to drill into the car



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    Hey Dave,

    I cut a sheet of 18mm ply to the shape of the rear floor and bolted that to the seat belt catch bolt holes and there is also another hole roughly central, about 100mm in from the rear door.

    You will have to source some longer bolts(100mm from memory) with the right thread to suit the seat belt holes.

    Then I installed 4 x M12 Tee Nuts under the ply so that i could fix the drawer frame channels to the ply.

    It was a bit of mucking around, but it is really solid.



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      Hi Mike,

      Thanks I managed to get it all in. I ended up making the sheet as you described and then I used the existing mounts in floor to wrap strip steel through and into the sheet. Screwed these multiple times and it is quite slid (yep have to do some rutted roads yet). So all in and now using a Universal wing kit to finish off the wings. I may post the templates when I finishg so saves others.



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        I dont suppose either of you took photos along the way with this process? The titan drawers, while not the best quality, certainly tick the boxes for price