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Fortuner Crusade - 18" Rims - BFG KO2 ATZ

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  • Fortuner Crusade - 18" Rims - BFG KO2 ATZ

    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know the specs of the crusade alloys?
    Trying to get a quote for some KO2' atz for it but struggling with what fits and what doesnt

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    Okay so pretty sure its 265/60R18


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      That is correct bdzy88 the standard size is 265/60R18. I Saw a post that the 265/65R18 BFG also fits without problems but cant confirm. The 65 profile increases diameter by 3% so your speedo will over read by 3%.

      The Justification for this is to have more wall height for offroad/low air pressure.

      Not sure if that is useful but thats my 2 cents.


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        Thanks Mate, i've just gone with a quote on the original 60's, 60 is more than enough in most instances.

        Cant get any better than about 470 a tyre though :/


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          Have a look at 697 Bridgestone light truck tyre had the on few trucks and love them.... 265/60/18 just paid 350 ish a tyre.


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            The wheel size is correct. I have a demmo model GX & the dealer had 18s on the car before I bought it, as opposed to the standard 17" steel wheels. I put on the BFG KO2s. I'm in Sydney & went to Tempe tyres. A set of five tyres cost me $2025 fitted & balanced (405 each). That was in March.