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ARB aftermarket bits available for backorder

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  • ARB aftermarket bits available for backorder

    More great news for aftermarket bits!

    I got email confirmation today that ARB have asked their branches to add in the following which is available to backorder. Unfortunately no pricing or delivery dates are available as of yet, but I reckon if you have a chat to the local dealers they may hear some inside info soon.

    So they are:
    • Summit Bar - their normal steel bullbar offering, this will be their main seller I would think
    • Fit Kit for their roof rack, so their roofrack will be made to go on the Fortuner and I know a lot of people are crying out for this at the moment
    • Summit Step Protection - Their side step with a bit of beef
    • Commercial Bar - more budget version of their bullbar for the industrial sector
    Currently being confirmed is the full side rail step.

    The recovery points and under vehicle protection will be similar if not identical in all cases to the Hilux, but this will be verified and then added once confirmed.

    So some more good news!
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    Hello Shaun,
    Have you received any more inside info on release dates for the Fortuner from ARB, specifically the bullbars? Thanks, Mick.


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      Hi Mick66,

      My laptop died this week and is currently in the process of getting fixed, hopefully tomorrow,

      I will follow up with a mail (if my lappy is working)l and a phone call to the guys at ARB tomorrow and see what is happening
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        Thanks Shaun.


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          Hi Mick66,

          So I sent a mail to the local Sales Team Leader here in WA and he says that they still haven't received pricing as of yet. I left a message at the head office for them to call me and sent a mail as well so I guess we will have to wait and see what they come back with...

          I will let you know as soon as I do.

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            Not sure why arb gives the option to select the fortuner but not show any products. Why the tease?? haha


            • Shaun
              Shaun commented
              Editing a comment
              I reckon they are just building the hype, classic marketing strategies for sure!

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            Thanks very much for that Shaun, much appreciated.
            Hey 4tuna, they're just berleying up to keep everyone on the bite!


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              Definitely! They have us checking the website everyday with the hope that we buy something else in the meantime :-)


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                Hi Mick66,

                So they said they are "still not sure" but he did say that it should be available by mid to late Feb. They have one on their development vehicle and its going through the relevant testing and they will start developing the tooling for the manufacture pretty soon.

                I wish I had more positive news than that because I know a lot of people are itching for some more gear other than the standard Toyota offerings...
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                  Yep Shaun, myself included!
                  Good news that they have at least started testing.


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                    Sent off an e-mail to ARB today to see how things are going for the Fortuner. Received a reply back from Damien stating that the bar is currently under development & could start production as early as next month, with roll out of other accessories after that.


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                      great work guys