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  • ARB recovery point

    Guys, ARB has released their recovery point, 👈🏿 check it out,..

    Rated 4.75t bow shackle, or 8000kg snatch strap 👍👍👍
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    Do you have pics or a link?


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      This is a Fortuner with an ARB bar


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        I just asked ARB at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping show - recovery points are on back order already for next few months. Seems also cheaper and easier to pay the install fee $110 as the front bumper has to be removed to fit them and labour for one or both recovery points is the same. Still at $196 each plus the labour its a $500 essential - unless you go the TJM Type 13 bar with integrated recovery points I believe. The underbody protection panels are not affected by the ARB recovery points which sit outside the underbody panels...

        I will prob. get them as soon as back in stock just for the safety aspects during any recovery...



        • Kiat
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          Good to know underbody panels not affected..

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        They will fit with the standard bar also, Its always best to have them fitted when doing the bull bar if possible as either bar has to come back off to fit the Recovery points.
        Roadsafe have no ETA on development for a set of Recovery points either.



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          Has anyone fitted a recovery point with a Toyota Alloy bar?

          Keen to know if the ARB recovery point is A) compatible with the toyota bar

          B) if you have any fitting recommendations - understand at least part of it needs to be fitted before the bar is installed? any tips?

          any feedback appreciated.
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            They don't look like they will fit with the genuine toyota steel bullbar, I just tried to put in the ironman recovery points to find it's not going to happen


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              3 months ago ARB told me their recovery points only fit their ARB bull bars, NOT my Toyota genuine steel bull bar. I'll ask again during the week if things have changed.

              I'd also like to know if anyone has had any type of recovery points fitted to their Toyota bull bar, & which brand.


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                As of yesterday (Friday), I was told by Ironman & ARB that their recovery points do not fit onto the Tuner with Toyota bull bars.

                Opposite Loc (a Front Runner equipment dealer) said they don't have them yet & was surprised they weren't available for the HiLux, saying when HiLux is available, they should fit the Tuner.


                • tekka maki
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                  I remember seeing another thread where there was some general agreement that the towing points at the front of the Fortuner looked strong enough for a recovery, especially if used with an equaliser strap.

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                I found a mob called Minecorp, who make various bits for cars associated in the mining industry. I saw they had recovery points, so I sent an email asking if they'd fit a genuine Toyota bull bar. The reply said yes, & to check with ARB. I did just that today, & was told they have the recovery points & they fit with the genuine bar.

                After checking, the ARB recovery point part nos. are 2814020 for the left h/s, & 2814030 for the right h/s. ARB quoted about $800-ish for the 2 recovery points & installation.

                I'll order mine at the camping / 4x4 show at Rosehill racecourse in April. I don't need them yet, & I might save a few bucks as most exhibitors offer show specials. (I also posted this message onto another heading on this Forum site... ooops).


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                  thanks , can you confirm those part numbers after you buy , and i'll add them to the parts list
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                    I did cross reference the part nos. Minecorp gave to those appearing in the new 2017 ARB price list / item guide, & they match.

                    For those interested, you can view / download the new ARB 2017 price list / item guide from their web-site.


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                      Will be keeping an eye on this thread.............
                      Like most I was told by local ARB dealer their recovery points won't fit a gen Toyota bull bar.
                      On their March 2017 price list it specifies "Confirmed suitability to OE bumper and ARB bars only."


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                        Wiggy, I was told the same thing a 6 months back, but thought I'd ask around again. Looks like was given crap information.

                        The part nos. Minecorp gave me (LHS 2814020 & RHS 2814030), & said would suit, are the same as the part nos. in ARBs price listing / guide. To make matters worse, the bloke I spoke to at ARB actually saw my Tuner & looked under it to see the bull bar, & said the recovery points would fit.

                        HOWEVER, the guy I usually deal with got back to me saying.... "Unfortunately, ARB Recovery Points will not work with the Genuine Toyota Bull Bar fitted to your vehicle. I double checked this with the Product Manager in Melbourne." Looks like ARBs statement of "confirmed suitability to OE bumper" is a lie.

                        Ah well. I'll just keep asking around...