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  • '21 Fortuner Bullbar

    Hi All,

    I picked up my Fortuner Crusade in December. Really happy with everything about the car. One thing I am having trouble with is finding a bullbar for the updated (2021) model.
    My preference would be an ARB summit bullbar, but after speaking to ARB all they can tell me is that its currently in development and probably wont be available until late this year.

    Does anyone have any alternatives to suggest that will suit the updated model?
    Appreciate any help anyone can give.

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    it may be a little while for all the bull bar manufacturers to update their designs so their bars are compatible with the up dated model. i have a summit bull bar on my hilux (my wife has a stock fortuner)... if i had my time again i would look for a bull bar that replaces the bumper. installing the summit bar involves cutting the bumper so that a top section remains. i think the bumper replacement bars look a lot cleaner. The iron man and AFN bars are full bumper replacements i know of off the top of my head.


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      Toyota have a couple of options.


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        Hey pwk. Did you have any luck finding a bullbar? I'm hunting around at the moment for one for my GX that arrives at the end of the month but not having much luck.


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          Hi peak,
          I spoke to ARB about a month ago, asking the same question. I was told ARB aren’t going to do bars for the 2021 fortuner because they don’t sell enough. I’ve decided to go with the Rhino bar.