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  • Neoprene Car Seat Covers

    From 28/06/16.

    Many thanks for your enquiry. Absolutely we have premium neoprene seat covers custom made to fit a Toyota Fortuner (Oct 15 on).

    · Front Pair (half back) : $219 + $50 full backs + $20 map pockets

    · Rear Cover (half back): $269

    · Plus freight: what's your post code?

    Please refer to the Product Information below for more details and do not hesitate to contact us on 03 8774 2705 for further assistance.



    Product information

    • The standard colour is black with light grey stitching

    • The quoted prices always include separate head rest covers, but covers for console lid cover and armrest cutouts (where armrests exist) are charged separately.

    • If your car has front side airbags, airbag compatible covers are available – with an airbag seam that splits open when the airbag operates.

    • Standard design covers the entire seat except the back of the seat – where about one-third of the top section is covered, allowing access to original map pockets (if any).

    • If your car has split seats (40/60 or 50/50 or 60/40), the cover is in pieces to allow the split seat still to fold / move independently with the covers fitted on.

    • The standard rear cover design covers up the armrest / cup holder (if any), making it inoperable. However, customers can request an armrest cutout (with zipper / Velcro) so the armrest / cup holder can still be used – for $50 extra.

    • Turnaround: up to 3 working days for manufacture (plus 3 to 5 extra working days for options added).

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    Geniune Toyota covers for front with headrest covers are $199 delivered. The back pocket is exposed for use.


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      Fitted up the neoprene covers today. I really like the feel of them and the waterproof aspect with the rubber backing. Fit well. About an hour to fit.


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        Looks good Silver Tuna 👍

        I notice the center console armrest is also covered. Is that included in the package standard?


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          I think it was $20 extra. The 2nd row seat covers fitted really well too, but the photo wouldn't post and I've put kids seats in now.


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            G'day guys, I'm researching car seat covers n came across your conversation. Tossing between getting a set from supertrim n some new guys a mate introduced calledd Dingo Trails ( Any1 has any other recommendations for a Fortuner AN60?I I'm really interested in Neoprene. Cheers
            Buy quality water resistant Toyota Fortuner neoprene seat covers online made in Australia. Free shipping Australia wide. Money back guarantee.
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