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  • TJM Snorkel

    Hi Fellas,

    Installed one of the TJM Snorkels last night. While its still fresh in my head I thought I'd throw up a quick post with tips and tricks for anyone else looking to do the same.

    Overall I found it pretty easy and straight forward. The hardest part being getting over the thought of drilling a dirty big hole through my brand new car. Saving myself the $300 fitting fee helps though.

    Along with the tools that the directions state, you'll need:
    - Masking tape (lots of it)
    - Hole saw
    - Loctite
    - Small Paint brush and Rust protecting paint
    - Long extension bit for your socket to get the airbox out.
    - Replacement toyota plugs for around the wheel arch. I wasted a heap of time trying to get these out before cracking it and cutting them.

    -AIr blower for the swarf
    - Small round file
    -Ratchet spanners (for doing up snorkel nuts under the wheel arch.

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    Note- The pic showing the cutouts has zinc paint dabbed around the holes to protect, Looks like the paint has torn/scratched in the pic.
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      Great job mate, I fit a snorkel to my HiLux a few years back too. It is the most terrifying feeling that moment you drill the first hole!!!!!! I think I quadruple triple checked everything before committing....hahaha I have to admit the TJM Snorkel looks by far the best so far.


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        Good job, what did u pay for the TJM snorkel?


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          I am paying $650 including installation. I did shop around three TJM dealers and that was the cheapest due to "increased shipping costs". The Snorkel alone is $475. I am paying for install as I have no confidence in my installation abilities let alone the tools!


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            What made you go TJM over the Toyota snorkel?

            Looks brilliant though


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              I was interested in the Safari, but I'm now not so keen after seeing how high and far forward the Head sits up on the hilux. (presuming they are going to be similar)

              I'm now looking at the TJM Snorkel, but was wondering if anyone has any opinions on these "Wedgetail" heads. I thought the location of the head would just suck up any water moved across by Windscreen wipers? Interested in others opinions.



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                I like the wedgetail idea, looks neat, however not so fancy the roundish belly at the fender, but maybe less holes to drill?


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                  Wedge is the reason I'd get a TJM snorkel


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                    I got the TJM snorkel installed on Saturday. I discussed the Wedge head and the difference is nearly all aesthetic. TJM stated that the normal ram head is noisy in comparison, however I barely get any of the induction noise through the standard head and at speed. It looks great in any event, and I prefer more induction noise! The wedge head was an additional $106 so IMO was not worth it at all.

                    As for the Toyota snorkel, I test drove a Fortuner with one fitted and it was very noisy and the eight drill holes into the body of the snorkel which are visible to drain water are hideous. Toyota OEM was also more expensive fitted.


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                      Originally posted by Bussa View Post
                      As for the Toyota snorkel, I test drove a Fortuner with one fitted and it was very noisy and the eight drill holes into the body of the snorkel which are visible to drain water are hideous. Toyota OEM was also more expensive fitted.
                      I'm looking at that one , but without seeing it , do you think that drilling the drain holes actually negates the purpose of the snorkel? can water get through the holes and down to the intake ?

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                        Yes IMO it does to a degree. The holes are about 10cm down from the ram head, and with any hole water can enter it. It is not the most clever or attractive design.

                        I would avoid and go non OEM for the snorkel.


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                          TJM Wedgetail snorkel installed today. Looks good IMO.


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                            I got mine a few months back and very happy with it. TJM fitted it and I got the wedgetail at "a discountt" as it was out of stock and sits nice and close to body work - less chance of snagging branches in scrub country... to bad my paint is getting a bit pinstriped...


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                              have ordered ordered a TJM snorkel

                              they have quoted for installation (which is actually pretty reasonable) but only paid for the unit itself at this stage. I am keen to learn a bit more and have a crack at doing some of these jobs myself.

                              i wouldn't say i am an expert on the tools but can normally get a job done following instructions. haven't drilled into a car like this before however ! I have a family member who has tinkered with/restored cars a fair bit (as a hobby only) and has a pretty reasonably setup workshop we could do the job in.

                              My question is for those who have done it : how hard is this job to do (and likelihood of messing up) on a scale of 1-10 (10 being hardest).

                              Dubsee (above) seems to think it is fairly easy but probably has a bit more experience with such than me.

                              seems to be a few blogs/videos out there and comes with full instructions.

                              just take your time and measure 3x cut once?

                              thanks all

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