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    Hey mate I done my first snorkel on my fortuner and it took me about 3 hours. I’m not very experienced and it was a bit scarey drilling holes and cutting the hole for the intake but all in all at the end of it I believe it is not as bad as what you would think. I installed the safari snorkel. When you drill and cut the holes there is a little bit of play you got to work with. Just make sure you align the template up correct and triple check before you drill or cut!

    At the end of it you save a couple of dollars but you also have the piece of mind that it’s all done properly knowing that you have painted all the holes and cuts and sealed the intake properly which if someone else installed it you would always have a bit of doubt in the back of your mind. And also it’s just a nice feeling knowing that you installed that accessory on your car yourself


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      Thanks for the feedback. Decided i will give it a go.

      Will study all the videos and tips etc online and give it a crack. Unfortunately can't do it for a few months as need to travel to visit workshop but will report back.

      Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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        watch this video it is very similar to what we have to do. i especially like the tip of using a step drill bit for cleaner cuts


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          Sup everyone.

          I put the snorkel on my 80 series back in the day and even doing it on that busted ass car had me
          freaking out taking a 70+mm holesaw to the side of the car.

          are there any updates on these snorkels? We pick our new GXL up in a few weeks and can’t stop googling snorkels, winch bars and roof racks! Anl keen to do it all myself so I can rest easy knowing every hole is correctly sealed.


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            I ordered a tjm snorkel the other day. I asked for the wedgetail ram and the lady said I couldn't have it. She said it doesn't fit for the fortuner because of the roof rail. Looking at pictures it looks fine to me. Am I missing something?


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              TJM Dandenong Vic. Fitted the wedgetail to my Fortuna with no problems. Told me it was a straight forward fitting. Looks fine with no problems.


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                I have lost my fitting instructions for TJM snorkel for my Fortuner. Can anyone help me here please