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    Hi Guys, I get a lot of good ideas from this forum so thought I'd repay the favour and post up some pics my uhf radio installed.
    I have the GME TX 3500 which has speaker in the main unit and a small external display with the mic plug in (as pictured in the centre console)

    As I barely use it, I decided to mount it up in the centre console which works well as it doesn't take up much space.
    I also had the idea of mounting it up in the overhead sunglass holder for it to flip down. Which quickly went in the too hard basket.

    The speaker is mounted above the passenger footwell. Just had to holesaw out an opening to get clear sound (which you would never know was there)
    Overall the sound comes through really clear with plenty of volume.

    As others have mentioned, the hardest part is getting the wires through the firewall. Not much wiggle room to get your hand up there.
    While I was there I decided to drag through some 7 pin trailer wire to the drivers switch panel. I plan to add led lights, reversing lights, fridge etc. Which will save me the hassle of more wires for the extra switches.

    Would love to see how others have mounted up their radio's. post em up!

    Anyway hope this helps.


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