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  • Smart Bar for Fortuner

    The Smart Bar bull bar is now available for the Fortuner. I had one on a previous 4WD & found them a great option as they are flexible & light weight so won't weigh down the front of the vehicle.

    Click image for larger version

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    What are they constructed from? Do you know the price?


    • Diesel
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      Quote from Smart Bar directly is $2,075 for the black coloured bar for the Fortuner GX without the winch option, installation is extra. They suggested that it should take approx 3 -4 hours for an experienced installer. So @ say $100 per hour for labour, the standard Smart Bar installed should be no more than $2,500.

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    They're made from Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene (LLDPE). Very strong, will return to shape after a hit, comply with all ADR's, winch compatible if reqd. Not sure of the price but likely dearer than a steel or alloy bar.
    Have a look on their website for more details, the address is on the attachment. There's also a good review of all the different types of bull bars in the current (August) issue of 4X4 Australia if you're interested.

    By the way I'm not in any way connected to Smart Bar, just a previous satisfied customer.


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      Hello Geo

      thank you for infomation, do you know roughly how much for fortuner front bar ? whether smartbar will be cheaper than steel bar?

      thank you!


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        As I said in my previous reply I'm not sure of the price, you can always contact Smart Bar & get that info. It will be dearer than an entry level steel bar but factor in that it is a lot lighter (they quote 32kg) so with less weight you should get better fuel economy. Also with less weight at the front you're less likely to need a suspension upgrade so there are potential savings there despite a possible higher initial cost for the bar.


        • maxnan
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          thank you very much for reply

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        can't they make it any uglier than that?


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          I don't mind the look so much... at least its black and I have a dark grey GX. Functionally it seems a great choice re light weight and impact resistance... there is a youtube clip of a ?Pajero at country cruising speed striking a calf... impressive smart bar performance...

          I worry about the weight and the steering being affected by a steel bar and winch and second battery... and the cost of the suspension upgrade and it all adds up. I would option the winch compatible smart bar just to future proof ....

          Still need some recovery points to go with it for the front (ARBs are quite exxy.... but look solid and good).

          I'm saving up ...


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            I like the look of it.


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              I looked into the Smartbar range and while I like the concept there were two main issues for me. There is no winch bar available for the Fortuner atm and you can not mount side rails without getting custom fabrication done.


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                Been looking at OL 3 loop premium bars $2k delivered with fog lights, Scored some pics of a semi fitted one, seems reasonable fit but the panels under lights need colour coding and bits of trim missing where arch meets panel but OL sent a few of post bar that uses the same. Anyone have the 3 loop bar? Post your pics please.

                Regarding smartbar comments earlier, they are now winch compatible - anyone got some decent pics of smartbar on a fortuner yet? Terrible pic in ARB who now own the smartbar brand.
                The pedestrian side of my brain says they are the better option - but on the white body they are a little too much, maybe on the dark grey body they will look better.
                Picture Source: Opposite Lock


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                  Hi Adam,
                  i have just ordered the winch compatable smart bar for my graphite GX, should be able to post some pictures for you in a couple of weeks if that helps.
                  They tick all the boxes for me and the newer smart bars look better than they use to,


                  • Adam Newbury
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                    buckled and went with summit bar in the end. Like the smart bar but needed better a few year they might be mandated for town vehicles?

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                  Looking at the 2018 arb price list which was updated in March the arb summit bullbar is $2220 and fitting is $605 taking the total to $2825 and that is without fog lights.

                  The winch compatible smart bar is priced $2535 and fitting is $275 taking the total to $2810 so it’s pretty much the same price. However for the smart bar it does say it suits the oem fog lights and the price for fog lights on the summit bar is $173 and $165 fitting which is another $338.

                  The smart bar also says you can get daytime running lights for $216 and $83 fitting so a total of $299.

                  I would be interested in seeing how it looks on a graphite fortuner as that’s what I have


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                    Found a white on white example.

                    More pics here -


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                      - wow! that is...errrrr ...unexpected!


                      • Spook1205
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                        Classic comment

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                      Makes the truck look more rugged. Just curious... but anyone know if recovery points can be easily added, especially if you had a winch? And if you put a sand flag on the antenna tab, would the rigours of bouncing over heaps of sand dunes like Googs Track or the Simpson throw at you, damage the actual tabs through the swaying motion of the flag? I've seen smart bars on a few 4x4s, but don't really know much about them.


                      • Adam Newbury
                        Adam Newbury commented
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                        Agree the photo really does not flatter the bar design, which BTW I think would look fine on a darker vehicle in black.
                        This video shows the aerial mount in final scene (RHS of screen) and also shows why smartbars are making a name for themselves though I do which they would add more form to the function on Fortuners (pretty sure they are just the hilux bar).
                        Note also ARB chassis mount their recommended recovery points, so you can do the same with the smart bar which I read was rated for a 10,000lb winch.

                      • AGriff
                        AGriff commented
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                        I've had them on my last 2 work utes, cop a lot of abuse & only hit small animals thankfully. Can't fault them, aside from the metal spotlight & antenna brackets rusting quickly. Seem to be just painted metal not powdercoated or anything - if it was my car I'd take them off & powdercoat.

                        A few of the other guys have hit bigger things & the repair bills mainly involve new bonnet/guards because they crumple when the bar flexes back - no major mechanical problems at all & chassis were fine.