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Tjm bullbars. Which is better?

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  • Tjm bullbars. Which is better?

    hey guys,
    I am going to be fitting up my fortuner with the latest tjm bullbar, snorkel, roof racks and tow ball. Question is can you help me decide which bullbar is going to be better. Steel or alloy? I personally think the alloy looks awesome all polished up but is it worth the extra $500 or so dollars?

    thanks for your help

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    Have a look at the current edition of 4X4 Australia magazine (Aug 2016) there's an article on all the different types of bull bars & also gives you some things to consider before choosing which might suit you best.


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      Cheers. I'll definitely grab one


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        I have some more pics of the steel bar on another post if that helps. The alloy was not released when I got it so that made the decision somewhat easier.

        couple of other things to consider in my opinion:
        • The steel bar will mean upgrading springs at some point. The alloy is lighter so it may not. That will probably offset the expense of the alloy.
        • Does the alloy come with an option for scrub bars? The steel bar fits modular steps and scrub bars.
        I like the matte black steel look over the alloy but both bars look good in my opinion. And I have the possibly old fashioned opinion that steel can be straightened after a minor animal strike whereas alloy cannot and the main factor in deciding to get the bar was for protection.


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          I opted for steel bullbar too, love it, but due to stubborness of dealer, I ended up with alloys. After driving with the alloys for some time, I find it's not all that bad. It's not as heavy as steel bullbar so no worries about front dip or front suspension upgrade etc, but really the alloy it's not that weak either, it's actually quick thick layer. Plus nowadays, aluminium welding is getting more common, even for DIY. The only thing with aluminium is the oxidation, but it does add character to it, although easily polished if you want to; some even powder coat. Hey the additional weight savings also allows us to carry more items. But in the end I guess it really depends how you want it to work for you, steel vs. alloy,


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            I have ordere a ironman deluxe commercial steel bar, I should get it mid August. I got it for $1250 + colour coding (which a mates doing at his work shop). But like KZEN said, I've got a 2" lift going in (hopefully next wk) with constant load front springs.


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              Hi kaneallen,

              You might want to consider a Smart Bar as an option in addition to a steel or alloy one. These are also reviewed in the magazine article I mentioned in a reply to you. They've only recently been released & there's a thread on them with some info in this Aftermarket section of the forum.



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                Thanks for the information. After talking to a few people and your posts I've decided to go the steel bar. As much as the alloy look great polished the steel will be more sturdy, last longer( no oxidation) and if I decide to get a winch later the steel will be better suited