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    Gday all,

    Were in he throws of deciding if it's worth getting a bar fitted to the new car before a big trip we've got coming up. So far the only choices are :

    Toyota genuine alloy bar $2900 installed
    TJM Steel bar $2800 colour coded, installed

    Toyota reckon the alloy bar weighs 75kg, the TJM bar is 90kg and has rated recovery points. I was pretty set on the Toyota bar to keep it genuine and covered etc. but shocked at the weight of the alloy bar. With the family in the car, 2 Jerry's on the platform and a spare, an engel in the back and 250kg swinging off the tow all were already on the GVM limit. Anyone else concerned? Any opinions on the two bars?



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    Hi Ryan, I think for a "big trip" you'll find going over the GVM with 250kgs off the tow ball somewhat inevitable? Having said that its two different concerns: being "done" for being over GVM or hitting something and being stranded - especially around dusk or dawn. How remote is the big trip? I went with the Toyota Genuine in steel ... not sure how much it weighs but are you sure those weights are for alloy??? Geoff


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      There are other options other than those you've mentioned that might be lighter & more suitable. Have a look at some of the threads in this Aftermarket section below ("TJM bars Which is better?" & "Smart Bar for Fortuner") for some comments from others. If you're concerned about weight the Smart Bar weighs only 32 kg.


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        Hey Ryan; I've a GX model & went for a Toyota steel bar. Not sure about the weights of any steel bar, but the Toyota bar "looks" shallower/closer to the grill than other bars do, so may be a bit lighter than other steel bar makers. But once you've got steel, I doubt there'd be a huge weight difference from one bar maker to the next. Smart bar seems good if you're worried about GVM, or to a lesser degree maybe a nudge bar's a good compromise.


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          I thought the alloys were 40'ish kg?


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            It was the dealer that said it was 75kg. I thought about 40kg too. Ive had a look in the install guide and it's not in there. I agree keeping within GVM is always going to be difficult - and most would be over a little - the trip we are doing is up the middle to the Rock from Melbourne, then across the top to Argyle, Gibb River Road and down the coast to Perth. The last 3 cars we've had have had bars and were never used to deflect errant Roos, but did mess with the suspension and made them too long to park in the garage. Pros and cons I guess. What did everyone else pay for the genuine alloy Toyota bar? Any ideas on pricing for the smart bar?
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              Rj; Can't give a cost on the labour side of it for the steel bar cause I got a Toyota tow bar, 9000lb warn winch as well, AND steel winch fitting kit, front axle capacity upgrade (due to increase weight of winch & steel bar) so all up with wiring for the winch & tow bar, not much change from $7500. Quote for the steel bar only was $2300. Maybe add $2-300-ish for labour on the bar only?

              Mine's a GX which doesn't have roof rails. This week I get roof tracks put on, then I'll mount the roof pod & gear inside that. Then re the GVM, I hope to load my car up with my gear as much as possible & go to a weigh bridge just to see.

              Next month, in rough terms, I go Sydney thru Sth Oz to the Alice, up to Kakadu & Darwin (& places in between) & back to Sydney, so I'm also a bit concerned about the GVM too .


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                That will be a very interesting journey Anthony, do keep us posted.

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              I just got my tjm steel bar fitted yesterday. Not sure of the weight but I got mine for $2398 and that was including the $400 for installation. I have photos in another post.

              I am also about to embark on a massive trip. 6500km over 17 days. It should be a good run for the engine and hopefully get rid of any bugs
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                I ended up with an ECB Alloy bar. They say it's 7mm thick and as solid as you can get with Alloy Bars, made in Aus and only adds 35kg to the weight of the car. I've added some pictures in the ECB Bar topic ( $3055 fitted. There is a small dent in the top of the bar so they are replacing it for free (after our trip) or taking $300 off making the total $2755. If I get a new one, I'm awfully tempted to order the silver ripple finish. As much as I love the look of the polished alloy - not sure how practical it will be to upkeep in the long run. Overall very happy with it.
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