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False Floor for Fridge Slide

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  • False Floor for Fridge Slide

    Has anyone had a crack at one of these yet? I've removed the rear seats and was going to use the rubber mat as a template to make a false floor out of 16mm ply covered in marine carpet. Just not sure how to bolt it down given the complete lack of tie down points. I've come up with a couple of options :

    - Cut the carpet a little next to the rear row floor clamps and use the bolts that are in there;
    - Use U-bolts around the rear row clamps
    - Make aluminium brackets that fix to the rear row bottom seat belt points; or
    - Just drill holes through the floor (being careful not to hit the crossmembers or any lines and bolt through from the bottom.

    Really dont want the butcher the carpet or drill holes. Any other ideas? Anyone with the Drifta drawers care to comment?


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    Here's my effort:

    As you can see I chose to use two bolts from the 3rd row clamps, plus drill and add some nutserts at the rear.
    In hindsight, I might have tried to make a bracket for the lower seatbelt anchor to avoid the drilling.
    To keep it simple, I went with just a rectangle of ply, but you could use the boot mat as a template for bonus points.

    There is a thread about the drifta drawers, they use a custom bracket which goes across to one of the third row seat bolts, plus a custom bracket on the lower seatbelt anchor.

    Good luck,


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      I'm planning a custom height cargo platform instead of shelves.

      Reasons are weight and ease of removal/storage as not to be kept full time in car. I have spoken to ORS who are going to make one similar to the pajero platform on their facebook page. They are going to connect somehow to bolts after rear seats removed.

      Ill post photos when completed.

      Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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        Great tips, thanks. Might go look for a few nutserts tomorrow. Do you have the proper tool or just spread the nutsert with a bolt and nut or something? I'll post some pics up when I'm done.



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          I've managed to finish off the false floor. I used 15mm ply covered with marine carpet from Clark Rubber. The factory rubber mat made a great template (I undersized it by about 3mm to allow for the carpet). I ended up using the two outer rear row floor bracket bolts (M10 fine thread), and two 6mm bolts under the boot scuff panel with some alloy brackets I made up. The scuff panel comes up a fair way so I made another covered panel for under the fridge slide to lift it up enough to clear. The slide is bolted through both panels for a bit of added strength. Also fitted a few tie down points for the Weber Q! Looks fantastic and works a treat - definitely a worthwhile project if there is a fair bit of touring planned and the 7 seats aren't used. In the end I had to cut a few small incisions into the carpet to access the M10 bolts and cut a couple of small sections out of the boot scuff panel to allow the brackets to come through. I've also installed an Engel point from the Aux battery next to the fridge to power it on the road. Here's a few pics for anyone wanting to do the same...


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            nice work!