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Front suspension sag after bull bar install

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  • Front suspension sag after bull bar install

    Hi guys

    For those that have installed bull bar, have you noticed any sagging on the front suspension or steering changes?

    Few installers recommending at least front springs upgrade to cope with additional weight and stop sagging? Seems they want more $$$!

    From the pics I see on this forum, I cant see nay noticeable sagging as such.



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    Hi Josh,

    I think there's som noticeable sag with the steel bullbar (roughly 90kg). Unfortunately I didn't measure before the install but after the install , from the bottom of the rim to the guard I measure 725mm from and 765 to 770mm rear. Might be good to compare with yours as it's still stock.

    The installer said I'd probably have to upgrade springs "at some point" but didn't try to upsell me.



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      Thanks - much appreciated!

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    I can confirm that the steel bullbar drops the front height by approximately 15mm.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Yes, measured tonight. 740mm from bottom of rim to guard. kzen you were at 725mm at the front.

      Thanks all!

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    I have heavy duty 2" springs in front and i have a minor amount of sag, I also have no notice able changes in the steering with the bull bar or lift.
    I'm 780mm front and 820mm rear.
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      Ive got the alloy winch bar, with a domin8r winch and dual batteries. My front rim to guard measurement is 40mm lover than my rear. I was thinking of going the HD springs from toyota but decided to hold off as i will be lifting it in the near future


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        Its told by Toyota when you buy a genuine bar the suspension needs an upgrade too that's why their so bloody expensive.


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          Bretts-Forty yes its not cheap! I've decided to go the Ironman bar and replace the springs at the front with constant loads ones. For my purposes, I dont need to replace entire suspension at this stage. Still ahead by $$$ compared to buying from Toyota


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            When you fit the Toyota steel bar and winch, it includes upgraded "Heavy duty" springs. No change to shocks. After about 5000km mine sagged significantly, to the point that the drive shaft was sloping the wrong way (wheel hub uni joint was higher). The car was dangerous at highway speeds, Toyota agreed it was an issue and offered to replace the springs with identical springs, that should solve the problem... I ended up binning the Toyota HD springs and replaced springs and shocks with ones from Ultimate Suspension (very happy with this solution). Stock suspension is setup to sell the car, not load it up and go bush.

            If you're going to change the springs, I'd do the shocks as well as its not much more work once they're pulling the springs out. Mine rides (comfort) and drives (dynamics) better than a stock Fortuner. I'd also wait until you have all your accessories fitted up front. That way the correct spring rate/length can be used. HD springs on one setup aren't necessarily HD on a another setup, all depends on what you have bolted on.