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  • Window tint

    Has anyone had their GX tinted? What did it cost or what were you quoted?

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    I had the Crusade tinted - privacy glass is not the same as tinted windows. Darkest legal tint through the dealer was $450.00 on all windows. Price goes up if you want specific UV protection or thickness to prevent smashing the window.


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      • Caleb HGT
        Caleb HGT commented
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        Tint ur ride darkest legal $250 in carbon film could get aluminium film for $200

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      Just to be clear, is the privacy glass tint actually fused in the glass or is there tint applied to the GXL/Crusaders?


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        Getting the dealer tint ripped off the back and Carbon 18 put on instead, as the deal tint didn't stop glare for the kids. Price $320...


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          I went 18%. Kids love it alot more than having no tint haha. I think it compliments the color of the car too


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            anyone in sydney had the front windows on the crusade tinted?
            happy with the rear windows as is.. just want to have it look matching.
            looking for a recommendation of someone who did a good job. thanks all.
            Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


            • thehunteroz
              thehunteroz commented
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              As far as i know it's illegal in all states and territories in Australia to tint your front window, you'll cop a canary for it.

            • 4Tuner
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              I meant just the 2 front side windows to match the back half..ill call around

            • Bussa
              Bussa commented
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              I have window tint on all windows on my Crusade.

              The tint on the rear privacy glass is clear, used mainly for UV protection. The front windows including windscreen is tinted, however much lighter, I believe around 35%. Had the tint thrown in by the dealer, was completed by a third party.

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            I had the GX done the week bought it for $200 from a local bloke here in QLD, I think it was 18% on sides and rear , with 10 year warranty. gee it made a difference the aircon works better now
            2016 GX , in White


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              Usually, window tinting costs around $200 minimum. I got mine tinted last year for $350 at Window Tinting Perth. I would definitely go back there just so I can ask some tinting advice, very friendly staff. I highly recommend them.