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Kaymar Long Range tank

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  • Kaymar Long Range tank

    For those that are interested i spotted the Kaymar Fortuner today and had a look underneath and there was a rather large auxiliary fuel tank in place of the spare wheel. I dont have any info or pics but it was tucked away nice and high, My guess on capacity would be somewhere around 80 litres. Ill try and sneak a photo next time im going past the Kaymar factory.

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    The Kaymar Fortuner has a LRA 120 litre sub tank. It gives a total capacity of 200 including the standard tank. Link to it is here:


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      200 litres!

      Looks solid as well...
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        How much I wonder?


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          RRP for the tank only is about $1500, plus 5 hours of fitting charges so budget for about $2k. You will also need to factor in an alternative arrangement for your spare wheel, either on the roof, rear bar or in the boot.