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    What brand of recovery kit do you have? Or do you have bits and pieces? What did it cost ?

  • #2 $89, ive got it, havent had to use it in anger yet, but did play with the trunk protector and extension strap when winding on the winch for the first time to tension it.

    8000kg snatch strap looks alright, and if you're worried about snapping it, you must be in a really bad situation and should probably look for better recovery option!!


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      I have a heap of gear but it depends on where I'm going as to what I take with me. If you have no gear you won't go wrong with a recovery kit from 4wd supa centre.

      stihl ms180 + case $450
      fiskars 365 axe $100
      gerber machete $80 (all the above are track clearing)
      ridge rider drag chain $80 (trust me once you've cut a tree out of your way it's much nicer to use the rig than man handle the bastard)
      3x 3.2t and 5x 4.7t shackles $12-$19 (there is always 1 on the winch and 1 on the recovery hitch)
      Recovery hitch $50 + spare pin
      grunt snatch straps $50 (from Bunnings they're surprisingly a pretty good strap)
      hercules recovery kit $120 the value is unbeatable.
      (tree trunks protector, snatch strap, winch extension strap, couple of 4.7t shackles, winch dampener, winch snatch block. It's not the best gear but it won't kill you either)
      tred 800's $160
      long handle shovel $20
      tyre repair kit $50
      air compressor $100
      winch $400
      Staun tyre deflators $70 (hardly ever use them)
      quickie deflator $19 (use it all the time)

      you can go on for ever spend thousands but you need to work out what you're going to be doing and what gear you need to do it.
      I always have a couple of shackles, tree trunk protector, snatch block and winch dampener in the car because the winch is pretty much useless without out having the gear to go with it.

      If I go to the beach I now only take my TREDs.

      If if its been windy and raining heaps I'll take the saw when I go bush or is we're exploring new tracks.

      but the right gear will always depend on the situation.


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        The gear in the bag


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          The gear that's always in the rig


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            I highly recommend 4wd supa centre. The Fortuner is my first 4wd, and I purchased all my recovery gear including the winch from there. For the price, its excellent gear.


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              G'day all. Just received my latest subscription to Pat Callinan's Unsealed 4X4 magazine via email, Issue no. 038. There's interesting test articles they did on snatch straps, & also non-rated versus rated shackles. Makes for interesting reading.