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  • Extend driver seat

    Being tall, I wouldn't mind a little more drivers seat leg room i.e. the seat goes back further. I've made a few unsuccessful enquiries including They don't have off-the-shelf' extension brackets for the Foretuner. Anyone know of a possible source in Aus (especially Victoria)?

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    How tall are you!!!! Hahaha


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      I had the driver seat extension done by an ornamental blacksmith. It involved the fabrication of 4 steel brackets (about 4 mm thick steel) that enable the seat to be moved up to about 110mm further back.. The brackets can be removed and the seat re-positioned to it's original position if need be. The seat is very secure with the new brackets, and sits slightly higher by about 4mm. I'm 6' 4" and with the seat position adjustment back about 75 mm the driving set up now feels really comfortable (very adequate leg room). My wife is about 5' 4" and her driving position is still good with the seat all the way forward. Given the similarity between the fortuner and the hi-lux I'm speculating that the seat bracket set up may be the same. Maybe someone can comment?