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    i am trying to decide on what type and brand of spot lights to get. LED's Halogen HID. Fyrlyt Stedi lightforce.

    I am looking for some real world thoughts on any of the above or your experiences with any other brands.

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    I am using ironman 7" led spot combo. Really happy with it, was considering to buy cibe halogen cause my dad got it on his prado some time ago and they are good for the price. Comparing them last night and the led smashed it. But I did pay $275 each plus fitting.


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      I'm running 4wd super centers 9" Illuminators, got for just over $200 for pair and there cheaper again with sales. I'm very impressed considering price.


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        I've Bushranger Night Hawks, from ARB. I had to get 7 inch round LEDs cause the bull bar wouldn't fit 9 inch. 4WD super centre didn't have 7 inch rounds at the time, otherwise I'd have got them. I've used 4WD super centre products before & have been happy with the products & prices.


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          Originally posted by Two89w View Post
          i am trying to decide on what type and brand of spot lights to get. LED's Halogen HID. Fyrlyt Stedi lightforce.

          I am looking for some real world thoughts on any of the above or your experiences with any other brands.
          Depends a bit on what you want to achieve.
          Are you looking to be a hunter and go shooting and therefore require vast distance and very little spread or, are you looking to improve your driving illumination.
          For driving do you want distance or road side illumination or both.

          Changes to the ADRs as of 1-7-2015.
          Non-OEM Halogen and HID high and low beams are now legally classed as spot or fog lights and as such have restrictions on their use.
          LEDs are now classed as driving lights and can be used in any location that you can legally use a hi-beam.

          LEDs use far less power for a far greater light output at a higher light temperature (whiteness). BUT, you must understand that the effectiveness of a light depends a lot on the degree of spread of the beam.
          As the light spreads out the amount falling on a fixed area gets less.
          If you want superior illumination of the sides of the road you need approx. 25 to 30 degree spread but that wont carry p!ss all in distance.
          If you want long distance you need no more than 8 to 10 degree spread and whilst that will carry up to a kilometer that wont illuminate the side of the road at all.
          An ordinary headlight has an 8 degree spread but has reflectors designed to limit light to below the horizontal for low beam.
          A 55watt quality halogen H4 bulb puts out approx. 1100 lumens at 8 degrees spread on low beam and carries approx. 35 meters below the horizontal.
          On high beam the H4 filament is a 65 watt and puts out approx. 1350 lumens at 15 degrees spread and carries effectively only approx. 50 meters in a full circle.

          More lumens = more light on a given surface area for a fixed degree spread.
          More degrees spread = wider coverage but at the expense of less light on a given surface area.

          For outback travelling, the ideal for LEDs are a combo unit light bar of one third 30 degree, one third 10 degree, one third 30 degree.
          Circular LED units have less LED elements per assembly and so will not be able to offer the same variation that a bar offers. They will be more of spread or distance depending on model.


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            As above it really depends on what you're trying to achieve.
            i have fitted a dual row Lightforce LED bar after reading favourable reviews but will say that it wasn't cheap in comparison to some prices of other light bars I've seen but you generally do get what you pay for.


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              Resurrecting this thread as I've been looking lately at driving lights as I patiently await the fitting of a bullbar. On my last rig I used hella 4000's with a ntech 55W HID kit that no led's, let alone a LED light bar could hope to match. This time round it looks like LED driving lights have the upper hand - just take a look at the video tests in the link.
              One that took me by surprise was Stedi x type, and they are half the price of Lightforce 215's- one of the best LED driving lights. While not as refined in terms of looks, they're just refined enough to not look cheap and plasticy. For me it ended up a decision between lightforce gen2 215's (the newer genesis lights look crud) and stedi 8.5" x-type lights.

              In deciding between the two I considered this:
              - does it really matter if they are exactly x lumens or y candles? NO, both are very similar in visual light performance
              - will failure of a driving light kill me? NO
              - will they be used all the time/continuous duty? NO, probably <2%
              - do they cost similar? NO - lightforce is 200% more $'s

              Yes to any of the above may have swayed me towards the lightforce 215's, but for me the cheaper Stedi set is worth a punt, and paying a premium for lightforce only seems worth it in terms of looks.
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                I've seen LED lights with halogen from 4wheel online.


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                  Eastie how'd you go? Did u end up with the stedi type-x? If so, did u go 7 or 8.5? I'm keen on these lights too, but the depth available with Toyota bullbar looks pretty restrictive. Have u go a bar on your rig yet that these attached to?


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                  I could only fit 7" spotties on my Toyota bullbar.


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                    Yeah i can't decide what i want. Would love to see some pics of everyone's set up


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                      Here are the 7" 4wd supacentre LED spots mounted on my TJM bar. They lights are impressively bright and feel very solid.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	4_front.JPG
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Name:	Light1.JPG
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Name:	Light3.JPG
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Name:	Light2.JPG
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ID:	7013


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                        I stripped my Hilux when i traded it so i will be using those lights on my Crusade after the Bullbar is fitted next week. Main lights are 2 x 230mm Lightforce HID plus a 42" Hard Koor LED Light bar on the roof rack. The Koor lights are made in Yatala and are phenomenal, just like their price. The output is 1 Lux at 650 metres, so together with the HID's i can light up almost a kilometre of road. I will post pics when its done.


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                          I went with the Kings 9 inches from the 4wd supacentre. They are mounted on a genuine toyota bullbar.


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                            I have Kings 7" mounted on my Ironman bullbar. They seem bright and build quality is very good for the price.