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Which uhf should i use

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  • Which uhf should i use

    Hi guys,
    I'm unsure about which UHF i should use. i was thinking about a hidden unit with controls on the hand section.
    what would you recomend ?


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    I've a GME TX3350 80 channel UHF bought & fitted by ARB (no affiliation to them). The head unit was mounted on the side of the car, just above the driver's foot. The remote hand held head is quite good & the sound coming from it is quite clear. I've previously had Uniden & Oricom radios & really have no preference. I live in Sydney's eastern suburbs & used ARB in St Peters as they're close to home.

    Shop around for best pricing & research the radios, but if you stick with the better known brands you can't go wrong.


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      Just got back from C and A Mobile Sound and Communications at Smeaton Grange (near Camden). Very pleased with the UHF install done by Theo. GME 3550S module
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        I've also have one of GME TX3350 value packs and installed it in the same spot just above the driver right foot. There is a nice spot with exposed flat panel for it and you don't have to drill any holes, just use strong double sided tape. This unit allows you to use both speakers (remote head and main unit) and I found it helps with sound quality). Happy to share some photos if you would like to visualise it.


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          Hey guys, i've got the TX3350S value pack as well, i mounted my head unit up under the dash next to the wiring harnesses coming in from the engine bay, near the heater, a bit of a pain but others have done the same, the TX3350S comes with a microphone extension cable, which i've run under the center console and i've then used a spare one of the metal mounts that came with this: to mount the hand piece to, using a rare earth magnet super glued onto the back of the handpiece, i'll take some photos later for you if you want.


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            Just buy a 5W handheld and forget about cutting and screwing and messing up your tuna with stupid holes and wiring and crappy external antenna that give you no more coverage.
            The length of 477Mhz quarter wave whip antenna is just on 15cm.

            Back in the old days of the '80s when we only had 2 watts maximum power on 27Mhz, the quarter wave length was 2.76 meters.
            That's is when you needed to have a properly tuned (low SWR), massive sized, whip mounted to your roof rack.

            Those huge FUGLY whips you see mounted to bull bars are totally pointless. They only have a tiny little spiral wound quarter wave at the tip that is no bigger than the stubby you get on a handheld. The rest is all springs and fibreglass and aluminium tubing.
            The proper placement of a whip antenna is smack-bang in the middle of your roof so that the roof acts as a ground plane. Mounting UHF whips on your bull bar or front quarter panel is a waste of time Vs a handheld.


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              I also have a 5w handheld

              if you are not using your uhf all the time.. i was told by a uniden sales rep that you can buy an external antenna that plugs into the 5w handheld and secures to the roof with a really strong magnet..obviously running a cable through the door window temporarily

              gives a bit more range and you just pack it up when you get home and store in shed for the next trip. .

              just another option
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